Blueberries at the Yellow House

A Day in the Life

We rode down to the Yellow House on our bike today. I have to wear a hat to keep my helmet on. We are eating the berries because no one else comes here, blueberries and black raspberries! I am a very good berry picker, and I love the shiney ripe ones. I don’t mind geen ones at all either. We walk around and around, looking at everything and hoping, and putting the trash people leave in the trashcans where it belongs.

We might live here one day, before Christmas maybe. No one lives here so we have to ask the bank if we can trade all the money we will ever have for this house. I think that will be a pretty good trade because money tastes gross and you’re not allowed to play with it anyway. This house tastes yummy, with berries and sage and lemon balm and green apples and plums and sunshine. And there’s lots to play with.


Der Blokken with Grandma

A Day in the Life

Grandma came to see me! We went on a walk to Der Blokken to get crackers, and then we stopped by the Yellow House on the way back up the hill. We danced all over town. I like reggae. I was so happy to see Grandma because I remember how we play together even though I didn’t see her for almost three weeks. She gets to go see Aydan soon. I want to go too.

When Grandma started saying goodbye at the door, it made me feel quiet and a little sad. So I snuggled her, told her I love you with my fingers, and I blew her a big fat kiss.

Busy Thursday

A Day in the Life

I had Anna and Cami over in the morning, and after they left I played outside with Phydeaux. We were smelling flowers. I think there must be a flower on my butt. I smelled roses and lilacs and irises. I watered my spinach again but I don’t think it’s ever going to grow. Then I dug in the dirt and found more ladybugs and some spiders.

My snack was zucchini and and an omlette with mushrooms. I had a long nap and woke up in time to go to Easton’s house. He can walk now so we walked around and danced for a while but then he had to go to bed. I was sad for him to leave but I still got to play with his kitchen boxes. His mom is so cool. And I had some chocolate icecream.

On the way home we went to the Yellow House. I watched birds in the trees and Mama talked out loud like a maniac. When we walk home from the Yellow House I smell more flowers.

I only peed one diaper today. Now I’m tired. Tomorrow, more Aydan!

Yellow House

A Day in the Life

Da came on our walk today to play at the Yellow House. We picked dandilions and blew the seeds. I tried to blow the seeds but they kept getting in my mouth. They feel weird. Mama and I sat on the sidewalk and listened to the birds. A hummingbird flew right by us and I could hear it click as it went up high. We want to live here because it has a big meadow in the front and a forest in the back and a playhouse and a climbing tree and a million flowers and bugs. We could still walk to see Mimee and Poppy. We could plant seeds and make a secret fort. Now we’re going home; it’s naptime.