I May Not Look Like I Can Have Hairdos. But I So Can.

A Day in the Life

I am getting bigger and my hair is getting bigger and my words are getting bigger and I love it. I easily say two words together any time I want. Some of my favorite combos are “pumpkin pie,” “Uncle Matt,” and “Mama hand” which means Mama I’m going to drag you by the hand to this thing I want to have or do.

I wear earrings and unders and pigtails and I am a full on kid now. Didn’t see that coming, did you?


Technical Difficulties

A Day in the Life

My Mama has a bunch of phones and they are all a little broken. Today we are going to Seattle to get something that will fix it, and I am excited to see Anty Rachel and That Jon also. Maybe more friends too.

So here is what you missed. I say two words at a time now and I got my ears pierced. I cried ten seconds only. Other than the pinch that was mostly a fun day. I snuggled Mimee and Poppy a lot. I went to the zoo with Grandma and we saw crazy gibbons and a million fish. I counted them but there were more than three. I also learned a few colors. All the things I like are green. I love milk and otters and Da and my friend Anna. My turtle backpack is filled with interesting things. I’m on a boat.

Okay. If you want to hang out with me in Seattle today I will be in the U District at 1. Give me a buzz.

Apples on my Tree

A Day in the Life

I have been eating for an hour and a half. I had a sweet potato which I ate like an apple, and then I picked a bunch of tomatos from our plants. Those tomatos are the best invention.

These apples were growing on my tree all summer and I was careful not to pick them (unlike the tiny oranges in the back yard). But some evil thieves took our best apples! And worms got some too.

But today I found just the right apple for me, under some leaves on a low branch, with no worm holes, all red and shiny. I told Mama, “Apple! Pick?” and she said okay. I had to pull with both hands but finally it popped off and I stuck it in my mouth. I have just the right teeth for apple biting.

Wild Places by my House

A Day in the Life

It was time to go to a wild place again so I got my Monkey and strapped him in my back. I picked him at a garage sale.

We went to the adventure place by the school. The kids are in the play yard so I told Mama “Kids! Kids! Run!” but she didn’t let me go play with them. Instead we walked down a driveway into the forest and the meadow. There used to be a river here but it is all dried up from no raining. I foraged fat juicy berries and I peeled apart the papers from a money tree. Every dandelion puff I saw, I picked it and puffed it. We walked through a thick viney trail and I made Mama hold my hand so she would be safe. At the end of the trail we fould piles of leaves to kick and a puddle of tiny acorns. Some squirrels were nearby waiting for us to leave the acorns alone. I told Mama “acorn!” so that she would hold the ones I collected. I wanted to give the squirrels some acorns but they were good at finding their own in the tree. I got up with Mama to watch.

Let’s go bouldering.

Yard Time With Iris

A Day in the Life

Iris picked out my dress so now now we are twinsies. We had chicken dinner outside and Iris took me over to the grass afterward where we frolicked. It was our second time playing in the grass today. First time we were at the field and Mama and Mimee were running the track. I ran it too.

I say “Guh kooo” and it means thank you. Also it means I gave you something and now you’re supposed to say thank you. I remind you.

We got new bookshelves for our room so now I have room for my toys and books. I clean up after me, all my toys picked up. I’m a big helper. I even helped Poppy carry a kayak. It was heavy.

Laugh when I Laugh

A Day in the Life

Da tried to take me to bed but I ran away to Poppy so then we escaped outside and played Phydeaux. Poppy has a bouncy yellow ball and Phydeaux runs the fastest to get it. We can fake him out if we pretend we throw the ball one way. Then he gets frantic. I think he might like his ball even more than I like my milk. It’s really funny because he jumps side to side. Poppy laughs when I laugh, so my giggles are like a good joke.

We come inside and I kiss Mimee. I avoid my parents. Once the sun starts going down, they are both nothing but trouble.

I’m going to send you a picture from my zoo trip with Iris yesterday. Sometimes I get so busy I just forget. I forget to go to the potty too… Today I remembered the potty mostly though.

I have some new words, notably: juice, no, eye, and Get! That last one is for Phydeaux. It works better when Mama does it. I say everyone’s name at my house.

I take lots of remedies lately. My nose has boogers a lot, but I drink the little cup by myself.

Chicken Day

A Day in the Life

At the Farmer’s Market today is Chicken Day. The first chicken looked like a duck, so I showed Mimee “duck!” I saw three big chickens and a whole box full of little baby chickens. I call them “ticktick.” We’ll work on that later. There was a Iris-size girl holding a fluffy white chicken, which we sat and watched for a long time. Some people touched that chicken. I didn’t want to touch it but I used my eyes. It wasn’t until I saw the baby ones that I figured out: chickens are birds! If I get the Yellow House, I can have a chicken. Or four. And I can eat their eggs.

I had eggs for breakfast this morning. We put spinach and cheese on them.

Tiny Music

A Day in the Life

When I woke up I told my Mama “I” because I wanted to know where Iris was. She played with me yesterday. Mama thought I said hi, so she said hi back, but I said louder “I-zs!” After our shower, Iris came! She played with me while Mama cleaned up and we had her at our meeting. She is really good at Barnyard Dance, and we did this amazing thing called Ring around the Rosie, which I liked intensely and almost cried when we had to stop for book time.

After nap, Mimee took me to wake up Poppy. He was listening to this tiny blue music, and now I am sharing it with him and Mimee. It’s kind of hard to handle, because I put it by my ear to hear it, but when I start dancing my hand accidentally moves my tiny music away from my head and I can’t hear it. I try over and over.

Ventura Harbor Andria’s

A Day in the Life

Seafood dinner! I am eating scallops and shrimp and carrots and pasta and some rice and some fries. I am sharing with everyone. I dip my shrimp in sauce and say “bip bip!”

We rode on a carousel today too. First I sat on a short donkey that I could ride by myself. Then I got on an angry horse that went up and down and up and down. I love up and down, especially because I sing my song “up, dun, up, dun.” Also I fed my Ohs to some birds. They fought each other. It was a little scary.