Ride the Little Boat

A Day in the Life

More adventures every day with Nana and Papa: we rode this boat over to Port Orchard to look at old cars. When I get old we will have fairs where I show everybody my cool toys and they will give me thousands of money to have my shiny old stuff.

I got thirsty so I poured lots of water on my feet and then my butt was damp in the stroller. I eat french fries with my fork, in my left hand. Lemons and limes are also delicious.


Shiny Shine

A Day in the Life

More outside, more beach, more nature all the time. I love summer. Except when I miss my nap it makes me grinchy.

We are at Shine and Wolf beach, with our kayaks and shovels. I forgot my swimsuit so I went in the water with my dress for a while. Fortunately Auntie remembered my swimsuit and brought it with her and Iris.

The current is kind of strong because the tide is coming in through a narrow passage. Herons fly above, and I point them out to everyone. Down under the water a hundred little crabs, young dungeness, are running around. I stand in the stream and pet the empty oyster shells. It’s best if Mama holds my hand because I feel pretty off balance in the water. It makes me a little nervous.

We play on the beach too. Hot sand, hot shells, hot driftwood everywhere. I want to sit on Iris’s lap, or lay down. I check in case Matt has milk. He doesn’t.

Gonna take a little rest, eat some seabeans, and ride the boats.

So Much Beach

A Day in the Life

I put on Iris’s goggles and it turns me into a hero. We built a tidepool to make a home for sea animals. I stepped in and tried it out, bacause I am a sea animal sometimes. I rub sand into Mama’s back to make her skin smooth, and I wade into the water to catch bobbley kelp and fat driftwoods.

We laid out towels to sit on. I lay down with my head downhill and say Night Night. But it’s just a joke.

I go back to the shoreline and fill up my bucket with water. I just want to pour it out a few more times.

Illahee Squids

A Day in the Life

Me and Iris are playing on the beach. I took my shoes off and the sand is on my feet. It’s warm. I sit down on the sand and poke my tools into it. Iris walks down into the water, and I try my feet in it too, but it’s pretty cold and I don’t like it when the boats drive by and make the waves so big.

I do some exploring. I check out Mimee’s chair and I find some little rocks and sticks. Mimee gives me goldfish crackers. Iris made a hole in the sand down to the wet part. She says “ick, ick, ick” and I copy her. Then I remember those goldfish.

We saw some guys with squids in a bucket. They are silvery and slippery with big eyes. The guys tell us they heard of Humboldt squid in Bremerton. Someone caught one, three feet long. Mama tells us Humboldts are moving North but she didn’t know they were already up in the Sound. It’s because the largest animals are messed up by the ocean getting warm and thick. When I’m big, it might not be safe to swim in some places, since big squids are mean.

Sleepy Bath

A Day in the Life

It has been a long day and I am taking my bath before bed. I have a washcloth I am playing with and drinking bathwater through. I dip it and bite it and stick it to my body and my head.

After the beach we shopped in Carpenteria. I got a book about a ladybug, and a present for my new cousin, who is going to be Aydan’s little brother. I played with trains in the bookshop.

My nose is running really bad. I think I licked some germs from Papa.

I didn’t get any diapers dirty today. I only used the potty and the ocean.

Gazebo Park

A Day in the Life

Another beach day. This time we came to the gazebo park by our house, me and Mama and Da. We were throwing rocks into the water and also licking some of them. Actually I was the only one licking them. Then a little boy and his grandmother came too and they were also throwing rocks. I took my shoes off and walked in the water for a little bit. The tide is coming in and covering up the beach. We are looking at limpets and kelps and a dead seastar, and I can see birds flying from here. I am still working on my pronunciation of “bird.” Getting closer. All this sunshine wears me out, but in a good way.

Mama’s Birthday

A Day in the Life

Before we woke up, Da went to Shine to dig cockles for Mama’s birthday. I got to play in the bucket with the cockles, clams, and whelks. The cockles shoot water! And I am fast enough to drink it! We had so much fun we decided to put on sunscreen and go to Illahee State Park to play on the beach more. Mama and I wear hats. I like walking with my feet in the water, but the stones make me extra tippy so I’d rather hold hands. Da shows me the animals and Mama takes pictures. Oyster shells are pretty good for digging sand. I got sand all over my butt. I also really like the logs by the bluff because I can climb and sit on them. There is a lot of clay here which I will come back for with buckets later. It’s so nice in the shade under the tree. Later we’re going to walk down the pier and look at it all from above. I think it’s a happy birthday!