Coming Home from the Pool

A Day in the Life

My first time at the pool in Nana’s neighborhood, and I’m on the way home now. Getting in the water at the begining was the worst part about California so far. My Mama is lucky I can’t say jerk yet. Or butthead. After a while though I got kind of used to it. I even splashed and played a little. Also I am super strong because I walked all the way there and back!

My teeth are growing too fast for their own good.


Bugs and Birds

A Day in the Life

After my breakfast of bananas with Nana, Mama and I came outside to look for birds. We see a million! I almost saw a lizard too but he was too fast. Then I found some ants and this snail! I was so gentle and kind to him, because I didn’t want to mash him like the last one. I love him. I told him I love him and I waved at him.

It’s really hard to walk on Nana and Papa’s hilly driveway. I do it sideways like a crab.

Gazebo Park

A Day in the Life

Another beach day. This time we came to the gazebo park by our house, me and Mama and Da. We were throwing rocks into the water and also licking some of them. Actually I was the only one licking them. Then a little boy and his grandmother came too and they were also throwing rocks. I took my shoes off and walked in the water for a little bit. The tide is coming in and covering up the beach. We are looking at limpets and kelps and a dead seastar, and I can see birds flying from here. I am still working on my pronunciation of “bird.” Getting closer. All this sunshine wears me out, but in a good way.

Mama’s Birthday

A Day in the Life

Before we woke up, Da went to Shine to dig cockles for Mama’s birthday. I got to play in the bucket with the cockles, clams, and whelks. The cockles shoot water! And I am fast enough to drink it! We had so much fun we decided to put on sunscreen and go to Illahee State Park to play on the beach more. Mama and I wear hats. I like walking with my feet in the water, but the stones make me extra tippy so I’d rather hold hands. Da shows me the animals and Mama takes pictures. Oyster shells are pretty good for digging sand. I got sand all over my butt. I also really like the logs by the bluff because I can climb and sit on them. There is a lot of clay here which I will come back for with buckets later. It’s so nice in the shade under the tree. Later we’re going to walk down the pier and look at it all from above. I think it’s a happy birthday!

Yellow House

A Day in the Life

Da came on our walk today to play at the Yellow House. We picked dandilions and blew the seeds. I tried to blow the seeds but they kept getting in my mouth. They feel weird. Mama and I sat on the sidewalk and listened to the birds. A hummingbird flew right by us and I could hear it click as it went up high. We want to live here because it has a big meadow in the front and a forest in the back and a playhouse and a climbing tree and a million flowers and bugs. We could still walk to see Mimee and Poppy. We could plant seeds and make a secret fort. Now we’re going home; it’s naptime.