Exploring Hilltop

A Day in the Life


Let’s go on a walk? Go across the street. Go up a hill. Let’s take my red soccer ball. Kick it! Go get it!


I want to eat it. I pick mint. Go up the alley. It’s rocks on the ground. I want more mint. Go across this street, and go over there. I don’t want to go over there. Shall we go to play group? Play group is Friday.


Look. I find a tiny chair.


Mimee and Poppy walk Hilltop

A Day in the Life


Mimee and Poppy come over my house. I want hamburger. Night night Uncle Matt.  I found one. Go for a walk. Mountain! The big mountain!


Run down the hill! I pick a dandelion and dandelion. Here you go. No hold hand. Walk by myself.  Run run run! I love you Mimee.  Snuggle.


I’m happy now. Sunshine come up! Go to park. No go to park. Wake up Uncle Matt! Kiss. Get up now.

Rain Escape

A Day in the Life

After yesterday I felt pretty cooped up but I’m not sick anymore. Mama said we could go to the beach after our tea party. Wow! Tea party! Steam, water. Hot. Steam. Cheers.

We packed up a snack and went downstairs to get warm clothes on. Jacket, coat, socks, shoes. But when we got upstairs again it was raining! Too wet for the beach. We changed into our boots and I put on Iris’s rain coat because mine would not fit over my poofy vest and it too cold for no poofy vest. Iris is six. Her jacket covered up my knees like a dress and the sleeves hung down my hands like monkey arms.

Well we didn’t go very far but I wore out all the same. We walked under empty trees and talked about winter. We listened to the rain on our hoods. I told Mama I wanted to see a kitty cat, but there were none out. No bugs, not cats, no dogs. Everyone was hiding from the rain. But not me!

Grandma and Grandpa Bring the Grapes

A Day in the Life

In their garden, my grandparents were growing lots of yummy foods. Today Grandma came to visit me with Grandpa, and they brought me snacks. I was napping and then I was hungry, so it was perfect. I ate the tomatos and the green grapes all off the stems but I shared with Grandma. And with Mama.

When I was all the way woken up we got set and walked down to Der Blokken. I was balancing on the curb and holding Grandma’s hand. We see lots of cats and I point so everyone looks. “Cat. Bird. Cars.” I hold hands and walk the whole way.

When we get to the pub, I play with ice and drink the water while we wait for our food. “Fun!” I tell Grandma. We talk about the sun and the clouds. We also talk about Aydan and I join in. I miss Aydan. Hey Aydan, let’s have our birthdays together. Whenever you get a chance.

I take a little walk with Grandma. We smell flowers and look around the neighborhood, in the windows of the pub to see Mama and Da and Grandpa. It’s sunny. I’m very happy.

Wild Places by my House

A Day in the Life

It was time to go to a wild place again so I got my Monkey and strapped him in my back. I picked him at a garage sale.

We went to the adventure place by the school. The kids are in the play yard so I told Mama “Kids! Kids! Run!” but she didn’t let me go play with them. Instead we walked down a driveway into the forest and the meadow. There used to be a river here but it is all dried up from no raining. I foraged fat juicy berries and I peeled apart the papers from a money tree. Every dandelion puff I saw, I picked it and puffed it. We walked through a thick viney trail and I made Mama hold my hand so she would be safe. At the end of the trail we fould piles of leaves to kick and a puddle of tiny acorns. Some squirrels were nearby waiting for us to leave the acorns alone. I told Mama “acorn!” so that she would hold the ones I collected. I wanted to give the squirrels some acorns but they were good at finding their own in the tree. I got up with Mama to watch.

Let’s go bouldering.

Red Huckleberries

A Day in the Life

We had real huckleberry school today. I schooled everyone.

It was so hot we decided to go for a woods walk. Part of the time I was walking myself and holding all the hands. Part of the time I was riding in Poppy’s backpack.

We saw mushrooms and cones, and then we found a few little huckleberries and Poppy picked them for me. The next huckleberries, I got down and picked them myself. Then we found a bush with the most berries ever! They were up pretty high, so I was so glad I was in the backpack… I ate a hundred. We picked a little branch and I had berries to go! Just when I was running out, I spotted more fat round red berries so heavy the branches were limp. Berries as big as Christmas ornaments. So I quickly ate another pound. Mama picked a branch to see if she can get it to grow at home, and I told her I wanted to eat her berries. She wouldn’t share, and she tried to buy me off with goldfish.

It worked.

You want to come next time?

Happy Father’s Day at Shine

A Day in the Life

Now Da and Poppy and I, and Phydeaux, and all those girls, are walking the beach at Shine. We found seabeans, which are super delicious. Iris says yuck, but I say More More More Please! We see killdeer, and shells, and there are lots of driftwood forts. Mimee finds special sticks and I climb on pile of sticks, poking the sand and watching everyone. I’ve got my good giggles out. I’m watching the waves and the foam. There is eelgrass here and it shows; tiny baby crab shells are scattered through the beach crumbs. We are going to eat salmonberries on the way back too. The First Nations called June time the Salmonberry Moon because they are thre best food! Foraging is fun at Shine because at my house all I can forage is old food I already didn’t want.

Now I’m riding the backpack on my Da. We are having a Fathers Day snuggle.

Der Blokken with Grandma

A Day in the Life

Grandma came to see me! We went on a walk to Der Blokken to get crackers, and then we stopped by the Yellow House on the way back up the hill. We danced all over town. I like reggae. I was so happy to see Grandma because I remember how we play together even though I didn’t see her for almost three weeks. She gets to go see Aydan soon. I want to go too.

When Grandma started saying goodbye at the door, it made me feel quiet and a little sad. So I snuggled her, told her I love you with my fingers, and I blew her a big fat kiss.