Ventura Harbor Andria’s

A Day in the Life

Seafood dinner! I am eating scallops and shrimp and carrots and pasta and some rice and some fries. I am sharing with everyone. I dip my shrimp in sauce and say “bip bip!”

We rode on a carousel today too. First I sat on a short donkey that I could ride by myself. Then I got on an angry horse that went up and down and up and down. I love up and down, especially because I sing my song “up, dun, up, dun.” Also I fed my Ohs to some birds. They fought each other. It was a little scary.


Beach Swing

A Day in the Life

Nana and Papa and Mama came with me to play at the beach. This time we came to a playground with a big boat with a zipline. Mama went on the zipline while I climbed up the logs to the boat. Papa and I climbed on the rocks and Nana put me on the short slide. Then I took Mama on the big slide with me because it was too tall for her to go alone. I climbed up some stairs over and over. Stairs are my favorite toy. We are having a good time around Ventura Harbor. It makes me really thirsty. “More milk please,” I say with my hands. That’s my best sentence. It usually works pretty good.