Huckleberry Scones and Tea

A Day in the Life

Iris made scones with Mama, with the mix that Nana brought us. They made sandwiches and fruit and Iris picked flowers to put in a fancy decoration. I ate lots of that stuff and also lots of bean salad. Tea parties are great. Matt came to our party. He says he loves tea food, especially cucumber sandwiches. I even drank a little cup of tea. I got even a second cup so I dipped my grape in it.


Malibu Duke’s

A Day in the Life

A few nights ago I met Anty Dianna and Grama Dorothy. We went to a fancy restaurant in Malibu and I ate the most delicious rice ever. I ate it all. Some got on the ground but I ate some of that too. I showed my new friend my Gibbon and my baby octopus. The beach was right outside our window and the ocean was splashing it a little, so I sat with Grama Dorothy and looked out at it.

Yesterday was kind of boring. I watched Little Bear in the morning and I showed Mama the duck. I pointed and told her “duck!” Nana helped me bounce on a yoga ball. Everyone was a little sick though, so we didn’t do anything exciting. I barely even went outside.

I miss my family at my home. I don’t know if I will ever see them again. Mama shows me pictures and I help her say the names. Da and Mimee and Poppy and Uncle Matt and Iris and Auntie and Uncle Michael and Grandma and Grandpa. And Phydeaux. I wonder if Phydeaux will come visit me at Nana’s house.