Sleeping beauty

Art Book


You are too big to nap
So the midday light had forgotten your lidded eyes
Your upper lashes kissing your lower
The angel Gabriel descended to Our Lady.

You told me stories and I sang you songs.
I felt your scalp asking my collarbone for another one
So I sang it again
A holy sacred hymn
I learned from Elvis or the disney channel.

Your neck gave up on holding up your head.
Your eyes gave up on staring into mine.
Your lips gave up on fluttering along with the songs I sang since before you were born.

And the midday light beheld your angelic
Craft glitter and boogers and banana slime
Frozen for a perfect moment
On your sleeping face.
You are almost too big to nap.


You’ll Be Around Forever Long

A Day in the Life, Art Book

Look, I can make all different kinds of green. I just put the blue first and then I put the green. I can make all different kinds of colors. This is not my favorite color- this is my favorite color. Ah, I can control the shades of blue too. That’s cool. What will happen if that happens? Not. What will happen if I mix this color and this color and a little bit of this color together? Pretty! This color, dip, and this color, this color, what does that make? Blue, pretty! Tip, tip, a little bit of this color. Pretty! And a little of this color. That’s shading pretty.


[Singing]Set it in the sunshine, you’ll be my girl. Set it in the sunshine, next to me. You’ll be my girl forever long.

Yes, it’s for experiments. Ex. per. EEE. mints. Okay, I’ve got it. Now it’s got its normal color again. Yay, I’m free. Okay, here goes. Did it. Me and my all natural color. Um. A little of that there. Me and my free free natural color. Okay, a little more of that one, and [grunting] a little more of that one. Weee, and my own natural color.


[Singing] You’ll be around forever long and you’ll be my heart. You’ll be in my heart, yes you will, you’ll be in my heart forever long. By yourself, in my heart. You’ll be a heart forever long. Let me see how much you’ve got, when I finally come to stop. I love the way comets zoom. I love the way comets zoom. I’ll be around forever. Dooo doo do dooo doduloodle doodle doodle. You’ll be around forever long and I’ll call you….

I just stuck my paintbrush in the green and it was so much water I couldn’t even see the paint brush because there’s so much green.

[Singing] You’ll be in my heart forever long, you’ll be in my harvest. Stuck my paintbrush in the blue, color color color wooo. Color color color woo. I will be around forever long, if I call your name.