Snuggle Fever

A Day in the Life

Today sucked. Fortunately I have a nice personality.

I had a fever in the morning so I grinched and whined at my Mama until she gave up on all her stupid jobs. I refused all my breakfast and used my sad glazey eyes to make her give me a pound of oranges later. I took all the milk and some crackers and mostly licked them sticky while watching three episodes of ‘Gabba Gabba.

Mama let me play with a bucket of rice. I used spoons to scoop and pour and I helped clean up at the end. A little.

We ate some lunch and Mama read me some Wind in the Willows while I fell asleep.

I got up and was kind of confused so instead of coming upstairs I wandered around and had an accident. Then I just had to yell until Mama came down to find out ‘happened.

Then she tried to make dinner. What a crazy idea. I was trying to show her that her dinner recipe wasn’t going to work by pulling things off the counter. My balance is messed up. Stuff fell on my head. I fell on my head. The chicken was yucky too.


Sensory Water with Shells

A Day in the Life

We made a sensory bin with soap, warm water, seashells, and little cups. I pour the water from cup to cup in my bin, and I scoop off the bubbles with a spatula. When I find a shell, I gasp and hold it up to show Mama. “Shell! Shell!” I tell her. I play and splash in my bin for forty minutes. Let’s do that again!