Uwajimaya for Birthday Snacks

A Day in the Life


Snacks for my birthday! Muffins! Yeah yeah yeah! Eat a bowl of noodles. Drink a little juice. A melonpan, I try it.


Get on a bus. Sing wheel on a bus. Sit on my own seat. Stand on floor. Open doors! Sit on your lap. Mama sing Sakura. Sto mi je Milo. Snack. Snack. I’m too sleepy. Take a nap.


Happy Birthday Da Da

A Day in the Life


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Daddy. Kiss. Get on train. Drive okay. Bus stop! Bus stop! Sit with Aydan. Sit by self. No lap. Where’s Auntie Kim? Right there! Where’s Uncle Patrick? Right there! Where’s baby Drake? Right there! Where’s Auntie Erin? Right there! Where’s new baby? Right there, Auntie Erin belly. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brendan back there.


Are you all done? Get off train. Jump! Hold Aydan hand. Hold hand. Ride up, yellow, jump! Ride up stairs! Aydan hold hand.


I’m hungry. Belly too hungry. No french fries. No eggs. No noodles. No bread. No no no. Don’t! No! I’m too sleepy. Go with Grandma. Fish. Eye. Mouth. Night night.

Uncle Brendan. See cheese. Auntie Erin. Okay. Go home, cook too. Go Grandma’s house. Pumpkin pie please. More cookie part.

Long Time Gone

A Day in the Life

I went on a big trip to visit anty Rachel and that Jon. We went to two woods and ate pie. I threw rocks in the water and played with Tiki’s blocks and went to the nursury at Bethany Church.

Two nights in Seattle, then we went to Tacoma two more nights. I visited Uncle Brendan at his new house and the next day I went to play with trains and then we found Grandma at the Rosewood. In the evening Uncle Brendan came over with Auntie Erin and this kid Seth who turns out to be my cousin once removed. And a ton of other people. I love Grandma most often. We ate more pie.

Today we went to a restaraunt with amazing beans, La Fondita, with Grandma and Mama. Oh yes, and Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Erin, Uncle Brendan, and my blue dog. It was ‘licious and yummy. In the bathroom I fell down, and I told everyone my sad story. And by everyone I mean Grandma.

Tonight I am going back to Mimee and Poppy’s house. I miss them and I hope I’m not too tired to snuggle and eat pie.

Technical Difficulties

A Day in the Life

My Mama has a bunch of phones and they are all a little broken. Today we are going to Seattle to get something that will fix it, and I am excited to see Anty Rachel and That Jon also. Maybe more friends too.

So here is what you missed. I say two words at a time now and I got my ears pierced. I cried ten seconds only. Other than the pinch that was mostly a fun day. I snuggled Mimee and Poppy a lot. I went to the zoo with Grandma and we saw crazy gibbons and a million fish. I counted them but there were more than three. I also learned a few colors. All the things I like are green. I love milk and otters and Da and my friend Anna. My turtle backpack is filled with interesting things. I’m on a boat.

Okay. If you want to hang out with me in Seattle today I will be in the U District at 1. Give me a buzz.

First Time at Seattle Aquarium

A Day in the Life

I was at the Aquarium because Nana is here. All us girls rode the boat to Seattle. The walk was nice and we saw fountains and birds, but the inside was the best. I love fish. We saw fish from our area and also beautiful bright tropical fish. When I saw the octopus I talked octopus language to him with my hands. I was getting tired and tried to take a nap on the ground. We went out to the birds and I saw puffins swimming and sitting. I never saw birds and fish playing together before. Oh the jellyfish were beautiful! Fish fish fish. Also seals are wonderful, and otters.

After the Aquarium I was just chewing on my octopus toy and we went shopping at Pike Place. It was really busy with so many people, so I didn’t get to walk by myself. I would get squished. So I rode up on everyone’s shoulders.

Mama didn’t come back on the boat because she went to girl time. I got the whole evening with Da. He works far away so I don’t always get to see him. I love you Da! I miss you very much!


A Day in the Life

Then we went on this train in the sky between the tall buildings. We were pretty hungry so we got some chips at a mexican restaurant in the top of a tall building. We sat outside where we could see firetrucks and busses, and right about when I got sick of chips the beans came. I love beans. They are the best food. Mama wouldn’t share her fancy milk but Iris shared her chicken.

We finished dinner and went to some stores with the escalator. I played with cool instruments like a Peruvia shaker. I have an Aunt and Uncle in Peru, you know. They gave me my Llama and I’m going to go see them.

Then we ran ten blocks. Mimee was pushing me in the stroller. We were so fast we even caught a ferry! I walked on the top deck and came up and down lots of stairs. It was still dark when we got home.

Catching You Up for Three Days

A Day in the Life

Hi. I didn’t write for a few days. Here’s what happened: I went to the zoo with just my Mama, and saw fish and sea creatures mostly, and I climbed the aquarium stairs a lot. Sunday, I went with Da and Mama to see Anty Elizabeth and baby William. Da took me to the botanical gardens at the university. The next day Grandma took me to Poulsbo. We went to the shoe store and the Loft and now I like salmon burgers.

Today Iris is here and we are doing school. We did Barnyard Dance (Barnyard Dance! (Boynton on Board)) for our meeting. I like holding hands and spinning but some parts are still confusing. However I could dance all day to Pearl Django. We painted on my canvas with my tempera paints, and we are going on a walk next. Iris has big plans for me…