Midsummer’s Eve

A Day in the Life, Art Book


The weary mile from bed
To breakfast
Brings one’s blood a faster flow.
Then all the snaggled hair and jammies
Somehow fall out via friction
And we stand in the doorway of a bright basement
Blue and green with playfulness.
Our mouths fill with bananas.
Our hands fill with little cars.
We tumble outside for sunscreen and sand castles.
We poke and are poked
With real sticks
By real friends.
The Sun teases shadows across the red bricks
For as many minutes as possible.
The years are short,
But this one day;
It’s the longest day of all.


Iris Finishes Kindergarten

A Day in the Life

This is my Iris. She is my best second cousin. Today she graduated Kindergarten, so she is in first grade now! I hug her, and I hug all her friends, and then I go discover the miracle which is kindergarten class toys. I need to reorganize them. To my house. There are beads and shapes and an etchascketch… Anyway I’m so proud of my Iris!