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As we’ve settled back into a rhythm here in the White House, I have been able to get intentional about how we spend our time. While we never get through everything perfectly on time, Edie has come to expect her playtime with Mama, adventure time, and “preschool” to happen in a certain order, and she even color-coded her own chart so she can predict snacks, jobs, and bedtime.


Like I said, we don’t always stick very close and most schedule items are pretty interpretive. But it helps us make sure we get through the stuff that’s important to us at least a few times each week.


One of the best effects of getting more predictable and planning ahead is that we are finally making time for creative activities. Especially since I’ve been thinking about what our family needs from our home, a lot of those little personal touches are on my mind, and Edie is happy to pitch in putting some color in new places.  A few days ago we tried out some wax relief painting on canvases I had been holding on to for a long time. Today, we painted with cake tempera and glitter paints on a simple stool I picked up at an estate sale while in college.  It’s been waiting for it’s glitzy makeover for a long time:


Unfortunately I never seem to have a clean hand to snap photos until Edie is off on her next adventure, but these shots should give you an idea of what she’s been up to.

Meanwhile Rory has been adapting well to having a bit of rhythm as well.  Since I have him in the Ergo (thanks again, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Kim) for a few predicable portions of the day, and lay down with him at least part of the time Edie naps, he’s beginning to settle into a three nap day, as well as sleeping beautifully next to me all night. You know, most  nights. More importantly, he gave a really solid, hilarious giggle yesterday, which Edie and I both found intoxicating and addictive in the best way. Since then we have been speculating on what exactly could be funny to babies, because we simply must get him to replicate that laugh. Oh man.



Quiet Days with Blocks

A Day in the Life

Sometimes we have quiet days where we just slow down and have time together. Mama is having me do our schedule with reading time and logic with blocks, shapes, or cones. We play together and I knock down all the stuff she makes. I can make a tower with four blocks if I want but knocking down is more fun. I am also learning to fall asleep all by myself at nap time. It’s stupid. I’m never going to need that skill in the real world. I think it’s just time for Mama to read by herself. She gets all the good books.

In between all that I work on all the cool stuff I can do. I can get on and off my rocking horse all by my self even though it’s tall. I can get onto anything actually if I want. I can wear underwear too. I can clean up. And I can copy faces and whistle.