Chicken Soup and Ochange

A Day in the Life

I’m still kind of sick. Sleepy sleepy eye. Mama. Please. Sad sad sad. Night night.

I take my nap but it doesn’t work. I can’t hold my body still and I can’t fall asleep. We try everything, stories, singing, rocking, laying still. Finally I get in Mama’s bed and snuggle some milk. We rest for a while and I sleep a bit. When I wake up we take a shower and go up for remedy food. Homemade chicken soup with mushrooms, onions, carrots, and celery. I’m still hungry. Ochange? Ochange please? Mama peels me a clementine and I shove three segments in my mouth at a time. I sip my dandelion tea and chomp a few tomatos.

Mama asks how I feel. Happy. My voice is like a muppet and sometimes no words come out. I have a winning smile though so I use that instead.


Twenty Germs

A Day in the Life

It’s remedy day. We just have the boogeriest noses. I can’t take it anymore. For two days I was better, and then I got another yuck. When I got the Bad Cough, it messed up my lungs so now when I get little colds, I cough and cough.

For breakfast we had some vitamin c, and Mama started making a chicken noodle soup. Disappointingly, it has more veggies than noodles. We are drinking tea and eating garlic and grapefruit seed extract and honey and lemon and steam and probiotics and chest rub. My Mama washes the inside of my nose with saline. We both have to get naked and she sits on me in the shower. Green boogers wash down the drain. I feel kind of violated. And really angry and sad. I used to not mind so much, but boogers have been coming out for so many days my nostrils are scabby.

I am almost better. I still have lots of energy to climb up everything and dance and sing and lift my pinky when I drink my tea from a shot glass. Mama laughs at me. What? I’m not joking!