Book Nook

A Day in the Life, How


I had been meaning to deal with the book situation for a long time, and with a Christmas money and a new years resolution about the play room, we packed up Grandma’s car and headed to IKEA.


Before: a repurposed mail sorter fit behind the playroom closet door, but failed to showcase the books or attract Edie to the titles I visually “suggested.” Meanwhile, adjacent low shelving constantly exploded books into a walkway, and the awkward, tight vertical arrangement ensured she could never put them away properly on her own. It was a disaster, and most of last year I just left it like that. But no more: it’s time for fresh starts and good intentions to blossom!


These picture display rails make perfect bookshelves for this funny little space. I also moved the rest of the book storage to a top shelf, freeing up play space and allowing me to rotate through the book collection. This can help to emphasize a theme, limit repetition of the most annoying stories, and protect great older stories from competing directly with flashy holographic scratch-and-sniff pop-up books for attention all the time. Also, the bottom shelf will be easy access for the littlest book worm when he starts scooting around this summer.

While we were there, we picked up some other stuff to perk up the play kitchen, streamline bath time, and provide a work space for playroom projects. Our other great find was a simple, sturdy red plastic table with screw on legs for storage, which came with two benches for only fifteen dollars! We bought two sets, so we’ll have plenty for play dates or for outdoors in the spring. They have already become the best Tea Party Doctor Office I’ve ever visited; Edie’s cupcakes will trigger diabetic shock, but she also has the syringe to revive you.

Yay for simple solutions! And a big Thank You to Grandpa Bill and Nana, the great-grandparents who sponsored a post-Christmas shopping spree to get our play room all set for the New Year!


Reading and Quesadillas

A Day in the Life

In the afternoon sometimes I take my book out and read on the deck by myself. I am reading “I’ll Teach My Dog a lot of Words.”

Today I’m having some quesadillas. We made some sauce with salsa and yoghurt, and I dip dip my pieces in it.

Poppy gets home on Matt’s motorcycle. I miss Matt. I hear his motorcycle and say “Matt!” but Mama says it’s just Poppy. I love Poppy too but I really miss Matt. I make sad eyes.

Quiet Days with Blocks

A Day in the Life

Sometimes we have quiet days where we just slow down and have time together. Mama is having me do our schedule with reading time and logic with blocks, shapes, or cones. We play together and I knock down all the stuff she makes. I can make a tower with four blocks if I want but knocking down is more fun. I am also learning to fall asleep all by myself at nap time. It’s stupid. I’m never going to need that skill in the real world. I think it’s just time for Mama to read by herself. She gets all the good books.

In between all that I work on all the cool stuff I can do. I can get on and off my rocking horse all by my self even though it’s tall. I can get onto anything actually if I want. I can wear underwear too. I can clean up. And I can copy faces and whistle.

Comet in Moominland and A Color of His Own

A Day in the Life

These are the books I read lately. I love the beautiful pictures in the chameleon book A Color of His Own¬†from Grandma, and it’s a nice story about sticking with friends and interdependance. The Moomin book Comet in Moominland
from Anty Heather has friends working together too. It’s in English now but it used to be in Norwegian. The story is about silly animals who work together to protect eachother from a natural disaster. They eat yummy-sounding snacks too, and when Mama read to me about the dancing I danced along. That book is really long. It took us a week to read it at naptime and bedtime.