Edie’s First Ballet

A Day in the Life

Earlier this month, Edie got to see Iris’s performance of the Nutcracker, and last night Edie got to do her own performance. During our month in Bremerton waiting for Baby Rory, Edie was enrolled at the ballet class at Mimee’s Ymca, and this show was the season finale for the class.

It was also our last opportunity to get our ginger bread houses decorated with Iris… So unfortunately we had a bunch of candy instead of a nap. That set us up for a more chaotic evening than necessary. If it wasn’t for Poppy helping to wrangle the three kids, we would have been sunk- thanks, Poppy.  However, it was all worth it, as the ginger bread and the ballet came out super cute. I didn’t get a photo of the houses, but fear not, I will.

The show involved three short acts in different locations around the Y. The video on the huckleberry school Facebook page captures the first act. As you can imagine, the nap /snack combo forced Edie to slowly devolve by the final act. It was kind of like me in preschool soccer, but please enjoy the proof that Edie learned some great dance, had fun, and jeteed her little heart out.

Meanwhile, Rory visited with a bevvy of ladies whose babies were now three to five year old ballerinas, inspiring a baby fever epidemic.


Go to Mimee and Poppy’s House

A Day in the Life

I go to Mimee’s house, see Phydeaux. Go to Bremerton with Poppy too. I need kombucha. I want my own cup. I need a snack. Where is Mimee? At work. I waiting. Uh oh, a mess. Take a bath. Don’t get it in my eyes. Hello Mimee! Hi!


I snuggle Mimee. Read a book. Sing a song. I like a island. Go with Mimee. Let’s sleep on a couch.

Good morning! I need coffee too. No breakfast, eat a snack. Drink from my straw. Bye bye Mimee, I love you! I love you!

Poppy Music Dance

A Day in the Life


We eating dinner: Mama, Auntie, Mimee, Rebecca, Amy. How about a pizza? I like clams. My belly too hungry.


Drive in a car and go night night. Wake up, it’s Poppy! It’s Poppy’s friends. Look Mimee, it’s Jamie. Guitar. Drums. It’s music! I jumping! I dancing! I climb way up there!  Bracelet please. Okay here you go.


No problemo. No problemo. No problemo. I sing it. I sing it at my house. I sing it in my bath. No problemo. I sing it in my bed. No problemo.

Park. Okay.

A Day in the Life

My dog gets crazy when he is missing Poppy. Me too. Poppy was on the boat in the rain and thunder and now he is back. We ride his car to the park and I throw the ball for Phydeaux. Poppy also throws the ball but he throws it too far. Phydeaux throws the ball for me. Catch ball. Go go! Phydeaux! I climb up. Slide? Okay. My butt gets wet but it’s not pee.

I hold Poppy’s hand. I missed him so much! Poppy: home.

We get back to our house. More rain. Mama and I make tea and I drink lots. My hands are so cold. I fill up my belly with hot tea.

But this is a problem. I am really good at putting all my pee in the potty, but tea makes it too hard. I run for the potty and put most off it in there. Wet unders. Hmm. I carry my pants and unders to the laundry and get new ones. Mama helps me thread my legs through all the holes in the right directions. All clean.

My eyes are sleepy. I eat a whole banana and half an avacado. Okay. Story. Night night. A nice nap.

Poppy Brings us to the Library

A Day in the Life

Poppy and Mama and I come to the library because I need to go visit somewhere else but it is chilly and windy out. At our library there is a fun play area with giant blocks and puppets and chairs that are just the right size for me. I build a castle with the girl who is playing here, and we put the king and fairy puppets into the doorway. After she leaves I knock it all down and hop on the castle by myself.

We walk around and look at the books but since I am not supposed to rip them all off the shelf, the most interesting part is the animals on top of the shelf. I give big hugs to Clifford the Big Red Dog, Peter Rabbit, and Paddington Bear.

Mama picks out a couple books in Japanese. I am not very interested in reading today. Mama seems surprised but I let her know, just because we read Harold and the Purple Crayon six times yesterday doen’t mean I feel like reading Each Peach Pear Plum today.

Poppy’s Tooth

A Day in the Life

Nothing very interesting happened for a while. I mean, I was interested in some things, but maybe you wouldn’t be. I was just working on my skills, like singing Baby Bumblebee, and saying 105 words, and counting to three. Kind of. I say “two, two, te!”

Da stopped going to Spokane, so now I get to see him every night no matter what. Also on Sunday we had the whole day, so after church Mama and Da and I went to the meadow to forage some leaves and seeds, and of course some berries.

Today, Poppy got that hole in his head he needed. Yesterday he had a bad wound on his teeth, and he took medicine that made him sleepy. I was worried, so I kept checking “Poppy? Poppy? Poppy? Hi.” And I gave him gentle touches.

But he had to go to the dentist and lose a tooth, like Iris. Iris doesn’t go to the dentist though, she just pulls them out herself. My Aunt Erin is a dentist. I will show her my seven teeth when she comes in the winter.

I brush my teeth with a flashlight toothbrush. And I floss.

Hey Everybody Wake Up

A Day in the Life

These days I wake up earlier and I pee in the potty so I can go find Mimee and Poppy upstairs. This morning I was so early that they were still sleeping. I sneaked in there and I was so quiet, but I couldn’t help saying “hi” very quietly.

But Mimee still wakes up, and she opens up her blanket and I creep inside to snuggle her. I snuggled yesterday too. Mimee, let’s always snuggle.

I play pointing games and sing songs while I wait for them to wake up all the way. When we are all up, I sit with Poppy and he reads me a silly poem. Phydeaux rolls on the floor and wags his tail. It is exactly the height of my face so I get up with Mimee again. My dog is just happy because I gave him breakfast with Poppy. One, two, three. Eat your food, Phydeaux.

It is just a quiet morning and we are all happy.