Thursday Friends Day

A Day in the Life

On Thursday I went to see Cami. She’s going to move away for a while, so I played all her toys up really good. We had a melon snack and went to some stores. One store we went to had dead animal heads and the other one had yummy snacks. In the evening I went to Easton’s house and played in his pool and prayed with Community group.


Lizards in the Pool

A Day in the Life

We caught more lizards and put them in the little pool. One is small and smooth and the other is big and bumpy. Before we got the big one I thought the little one might be lonely so I put the owl statue in the pool to keep him company. I brought them some rocks too. Mama says they like rocks, but I don’t see how the rocks will fit in their mouths… We looked under the mat for spiders but we didn’t really have a way to catch them.

I got in the pool and sat down to look at the lizards. When you touch a lizard you have to use gentle fingers. I don’t really want to mush them now. They are nice. My Mama put the little one on my foot, and he liked it because it made his blood feel warmer. I kind of liked it because I could see him so close, but I kind of didn’t like it because it poked my foot with his tiny tiny feet. Mama helped him get off but I think he doesn’t like being so cold without me. Even though today is really really hot.

Not Swimming

A Day in the Life

Today is very sunny but not too hot or windy. I slept a long time because I was so tired from yesterday, and when I got up my Mama and I cuddled in bed. Then she put on our swimsuits and I ate a banana while we walked to the pool. I like the pool better now. Mama showed me how to climb in and out. I can do it almost by myself. I just need help holding a hand to keep my balance when I step in. Today I like splashing with my hands and also sitting on the edge and splashing with my feet. I’m practicing walking on the ledge that is a little deeper, up to my chest. It’s just hard to keep my balance with that much water on me. I like holding the railing too.

On our walk to the pool we saw three dogs. I miss Phydeaux, I told my Mama so. I fell down only two times, but the second time I broke the skin on my knees and now I can see some blood. Not too much though. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Coming Home from the Pool

A Day in the Life

My first time at the pool in Nana’s neighborhood, and I’m on the way home now. Getting in the water at the begining was the worst part about California so far. My Mama is lucky I can’t say jerk yet. Or butthead. After a while though I got kind of used to it. I even splashed and played a little. Also I am super strong because I walked all the way there and back!

My teeth are growing too fast for their own good.