Midsummer’s Eve

A Day in the Life, Art Book


The weary mile from bed
To breakfast
Brings one’s blood a faster flow.
Then all the snaggled hair and jammies
Somehow fall out via friction
And we stand in the doorway of a bright basement
Blue and green with playfulness.
Our mouths fill with bananas.
Our hands fill with little cars.
We tumble outside for sunscreen and sand castles.
We poke and are poked
With real sticks
By real friends.
The Sun teases shadows across the red bricks
For as many minutes as possible.
The years are short,
But this one day;
It’s the longest day of all.


Sleeping beauty

Art Book


You are too big to nap
So the midday light had forgotten your lidded eyes
Your upper lashes kissing your lower
The angel Gabriel descended to Our Lady.

You told me stories and I sang you songs.
I felt your scalp asking my collarbone for another one
So I sang it again
A holy sacred hymn
I learned from Elvis or the disney channel.

Your neck gave up on holding up your head.
Your eyes gave up on staring into mine.
Your lips gave up on fluttering along with the songs I sang since before you were born.

And the midday light beheld your angelic
Craft glitter and boogers and banana slime
Frozen for a perfect moment
On your sleeping face.
You are almost too big to nap.

We stoop to conquer

A Day in the Life


We must watch a thousand towers collapse
Before our first structure rises
Above the littered nursery floor.


We stoop to conquer
And to surrender.
Gravity vanquishes ten times the cities
violence ever could.
How many impossible palaces never stand free of our fingers?


A lonely outpost dreads the coming horde.
Babylon, Alexandria, Rome.
Our monuments are all afternoon ancient, half sunk.
In the scattered ruins lie
every skyscraper yet to rise
above a metropolis some millenia away.