Aydan Comes to Tea

A Day in the Life


I have been playing so hard that I can’t write the Huckleberries fast enough! I said lots of funny insightful things, some in sentences of nine words at a time, but for the next few days I will show you lots of pictures to get caught up.

These ones are from when Aydan came over to play all by herself. We cut up veggies and had crackers and apples and a big yummy tea party. We used polite words like please and thank you, and when we were all done we cleaned up our own cups. I have extra special little girl cups and we didn’t break any because we were careful and gentle.


We played in the play room for a long time with all my puzzles. I saw how much Aydan likes puzzles so now I love them too. It’s silly. All my headbands were in a basket by the mirror so we dressed all up and showed off our silly faces.


A Visit with Anna at my House

A Day in the Life

I helped Mama vacuum and clean up before Anna got here so my dog hair wouldn’t get on her. I brought out my toys to share.

Our Mamas were drinking tea so I had some too. I like it because it gets the milk warm. Anna didn’t have any so I was trying to share mine by pouring a little in her cup. It didn’t work but she probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

She brought a bracelet of which I was quite jealous. So I took it. Anna cried. I kind of gave it back but eventually managed to con her out of it completely by making Mimee my accomplice. Mimee was like a decoy and I got Anna’s bracelet and hid it with my toys.

We read Harold and the Purple Crayon. He’s so dreamy. Better than the Beattles.

When Anna had to go home I gave her a hug and she gave me a nice hug back. We are both good huggers. I waved out the window while she drove away. Zoom.

Gleaming Treasures

A Day in the Life

It is a quiet day. In the morning Mama and I clean our room. I help pick up the toys and books on the shelf, and we carry all the laundry to the laundry basket. I am a little grumpy. This week I slept in my own bed all night and it is just not as good because I can’t reach the milk from my bed. Da reminds me to fall asleep when I wake up. Okay okay. This morning I woke up a little early because I was just sick of waiting. So I was grumpy.

I eat my granola and raisins. I read some books. I put together my bug puzzle. I want to go back to sleep… but not in my bed. I tell Mama “Night night,” but I decline to go downstairs. It is still an hour before nap time. I climb up to rock with her and I start having a dream.

When I get up I am feeling better. We eat lunch outside and go down to play on my slide. I have this slide that was Uncle Matt’s and it lived at Grandpa Bill’s house for a hundred years so that now I can slide on it. It is wonderful.

Mimee comes out to smell flowers and kill bugs. I follow her down the steps and there on the ground by my old berries I find two red treasures, shining and sparkling. I am so happy about them. I look for more. More. More. More.

Mama says, “Okay Edie, we can go inside and get more treasures.” She brings them to me but a mess rains down in the closet so she goes back. I show the treasures to Mimee, all the colors. They fill up my hands, even my biggest fists. I am scooping them and pouring them, one two three four five. I count out loud, “Two, two, two, three!”

Treasures are so pretty. When Mama comes back I show her and trade her and fill up her hands. I fill up my mouth too. Mama makes the trouble face and makes me spit them out. At first I give them back happily. Then I make a run for it and try to keep them for myself forever. Alas, I can’t get the back door open. Mama overtakes me and makes me clean them all up into the back. I think about crying when she puts them away, but just in time I decide not to.

If you have any treasures, please come over and share them with me. Mama won’t give me my treasures back and she won’t even let me touch her earrings.

Thai Food at the Park

A Day in the Life

I sometimes take these pictures on other peoples’ phones and then I can’t send them to you right away. This one is from Friday when we went to the new Thai restaurant in Manette. We took our food over to the park and I ate it all because it was delicious.

After we finished eating, I played on the bench. Mama and Da ran with me, everyone holding hands, and when I got fast enough I jumped and Flew off the end. I walked on the railing with Mama’s help and we could see the ferry leaving from Bremerton to go to Seattle. I ran up to the top of the hill and then ran So Fast down into Mama’s arms. Also I laughed my head off. I almost fell down I was laughing so hard.

Then we walked home and the moon followed us just like in Harold and the Purple Crayon.

More Wooden Toys at Goodwill

A Day in the Life

My favorite toy store is Goodwill because that is where my Mama actually buys some. Remember my awesome ferry boats and cars? And my train? Well today we got a big bag of colorful wooden blocks. And some clothes of course. The blocks are best.

Before this I only had regular square blocks with numbers and stuff on them. These ones are more interesting to me right now because they are bright colors and all different shapes that do different things when I stack them together.

Now we’re going to eat pizza. Are you hungry?

First time at Wright Park

A Day in the Life

We got up so early to drive in the truck with Da. We drove under the lamps in the dark and came to his work. I thought maybe we would go to the zoo because that’s what usually happens.

But instead, we come to this cool Tacoma park. I check out the playground, which has big music instruments and also five different slides. I’m awesome at slide. Mama walks with me around the structure, and then we stroll over to the duck pond. It is really big, with a bridge and a willow and everything. I watched the ducks and squirrels and dogs coming out for morning walks.

“Food,” I tell Mama. “Please?” So we walk up to Satellite Cafe and have a giant scone and a little chai. The chai is too hot for me. I tell Mama I need a potty, but she is lost and we don’t quite make it. Oh well. I have my disposable unders on.

We walk back to the playground and I investigate more fully. Going up slides does not work so good. Some other little kids are here now and I watch, but I’m not really here to chat.

Whale Park with Aydan

A Day in the Life

My cousin Aydan came to my house and we went to a park to play. We don’t get to play very much because she lives very far away in Africa, but just for today she was in my town. I waved at her new brother a few days ago too.

We went on the beach and saw a hermit crab in a snail shell, and a dead salmon. The beach was slippery and squishy. When we came up to the playground, we went to the boat first and Aydan sang Row Your Boat very pretty. I didn’t remember all the words so I wasn’t very loud. We climbed on the orcas and the slide, and watched Grandma ride the zipline.

Aydan knows lots of words and songs, like the one she sang to me in the car: “I was hungry; before I ate my breakfast; I was hungry!”

When we were all done at the park, Grandma took us to a bakery to eat cookies. I got a pumpkin cookie but I didn’t eat it all. Aydan got an M&M cookie and ate all the Ms out of it.

We went back to my house but it was nap time and Aydan was sad from a splinter. Grandma took her home.

African Cichlids

A Day in the Life

At the zoo, I peed in the potty and ate a big snack because I didn’t have very much breakfast. Not very many people are here yet, so I am just exploring on my own. I look in the windows at the fish and snakes, and I climb up on the mushroom and do my maniac laugh, with all my teeth showing and my eyeballs rolling back.

I run over to the sand pit and dig for a while. Other kids come and I crowd them to see what they are doing. Some of them have food so Irun over there and check it out. I almost get a mouthful of stranger rice before anyone can even stop me! Then I go see Mama for some more snacks. Fig bar and milk. I already ate all the melon.

I climb on my stoller and do more crazy laughs. I really want to stand on the back, but it’s a little tricky.

We drive across to the other climbers and I try them out. I check out a cool cave and some spinners the big kids get to. There are cool textures to walk on and steps and ledges and I just love the zoo, so I do a little dance!

Staying Home In My Yard

A Day in the Life

I did not go to the beach today. Nana and Papa and Mimee and Poppy and Auntie and Iris and Matt went. But I stayed home and took my nap at nap time, and when I woke up I peed and cried and made lonely noises until Mama came and gave me milk.

We came outside. I played with the outside toys and the water and my dog Phydeaux. I peed more.

Eventually Iris came back and we played outside together, sitting in my bucket and picking berries. We take turns bossing each other. That works pretty good but I wish I could pick her up and haul her to the other side of the room too.

No clothes in the summer! When I was a little baby it was cold and we stayed inside and wore coats. Now I am warm and outside and naked for the rest of my life! Sunshine forever! Drink out of the hose always!