Park. Okay.

A Day in the Life

My dog gets crazy when he is missing Poppy. Me too. Poppy was on the boat in the rain and thunder and now he is back. We ride his car to the park and I throw the ball for Phydeaux. Poppy also throws the ball but he throws it too far. Phydeaux throws the ball for me. Catch ball. Go go! Phydeaux! I climb up. Slide? Okay. My butt gets wet but it’s not pee.

I hold Poppy’s hand. I missed him so much! Poppy: home.

We get back to our house. More rain. Mama and I make tea and I drink lots. My hands are so cold. I fill up my belly with hot tea.

But this is a problem. I am really good at putting all my pee in the potty, but tea makes it too hard. I run for the potty and put most off it in there. Wet unders. Hmm. I carry my pants and unders to the laundry and get new ones. Mama helps me thread my legs through all the holes in the right directions. All clean.

My eyes are sleepy. I eat a whole banana and half an avacado. Okay. Story. Night night. A nice nap.



A Day in the Life

Because I am an athlete, I really enjoy watching the Olympics. I get up in my chair, dip dip my chili dog, and watch some of my favorite events. I like the boats a lot, and the balls are pretty awesome. Yesterday my favorite was the bikes.

Mimee is an athlete too. We watch together. I say “Go go go!”to the water polo guys. When we watch the gymnasts qualify, I get pretty excited and try out some of those moves. I can do a really good Downward Dog, and with a little help I can do tripple flip twists and stick it. When we watch rowing, Mimee tells me, “Those are girls, Edie! Girls like you!”

Phydeaux comes an and he wants to make up his own Olympic event. I have to tell him what to do because I’m a human and a boss. I take away his toys and throw them for him. I also taste them.

It’s pretty fun to all sit on the couch all together and watch people from around the world do their best. I never watched this much TV before though. Now I need to buy a car.

Mountain View

A Day in the Life

We are driving the bike at the school, around and around the track. My Mama is pedaling and Mimee is running around in circles and Iris is riding her bike next to my trailer. We go around and around. Phydeaux comes, and look, he brought Poppy with him! My dog runs around too, even faster than Mimee. He goes down into the ditch with water.

After a while, I get tired of my trailer and Iris gets tired of her bike. We trade, only I can’t ride her bike so it just lays in the grass while I run over to Poppy. I wave and say Love you to Mimee and Mama and Iris as they go by, and Phydeaux. He hardly ever knocks me down anymore. I’m really strong.

Did you know I have a super power also? I can make anybody come over and kiss me with mind control. All I have to do is make a slimey kissy face and hum. You think it wouldn’t work on you? But it would. I can mind control anyone, even when I’m touching the dishwasher or the rocks.

Laugh when I Laugh

A Day in the Life

Da tried to take me to bed but I ran away to Poppy so then we escaped outside and played Phydeaux. Poppy has a bouncy yellow ball and Phydeaux runs the fastest to get it. We can fake him out if we pretend we throw the ball one way. Then he gets frantic. I think he might like his ball even more than I like my milk. It’s really funny because he jumps side to side. Poppy laughs when I laugh, so my giggles are like a good joke.

We come inside and I kiss Mimee. I avoid my parents. Once the sun starts going down, they are both nothing but trouble.

I’m going to send you a picture from my zoo trip with Iris yesterday. Sometimes I get so busy I just forget. I forget to go to the potty too… Today I remembered the potty mostly though.

I have some new words, notably: juice, no, eye, and Get! That last one is for Phydeaux. It works better when Mama does it. I say everyone’s name at my house.

I take lots of remedies lately. My nose has boogers a lot, but I drink the little cup by myself.

Mimee and Phydeaux toss the Ball

A Day in the Life

When Mama went to her doula meeting, I got to play outside with Mimee! When she went potty, I told her I want to go pee too. So I peed in the potty. Mimee let me try some juice. That’s how you know she is a grandmother.

I am playing with Phydeaux. He clearly wants this ball, so I give it to him. Then he gives it back to me and acts all weird. So I give it to him. Mimee says throw it over there. I go over there, but as I start walking he jumps up and chases me. Okay Phydeaux, here you go. The ball is slimey and I don’t want to touch it. I go to Mimee and Phyeaux gives her the ball. She throws it across the room and he thunders away to get it. Repeat. I’m making my confusing eyebrows. But Mimee, I don’t mind if he gets it. And throwing it doesn’t make him not have it.

Mimee shows me how to throw the ball. That’s all well and good, but it seems unsafe, don’t you think? Because, my dog is like a hundred pounds. As in, five times bigger than me. His tail is fatter than my leg. Hi, dog.

Happy Father’s Day at Shine

A Day in the Life

Now Da and Poppy and I, and Phydeaux, and all those girls, are walking the beach at Shine. We found seabeans, which are super delicious. Iris says yuck, but I say More More More Please! We see killdeer, and shells, and there are lots of driftwood forts. Mimee finds special sticks and I climb on pile of sticks, poking the sand and watching everyone. I’ve got my good giggles out. I’m watching the waves and the foam. There is eelgrass here and it shows; tiny baby crab shells are scattered through the beach crumbs. We are going to eat salmonberries on the way back too. The First Nations called June time the Salmonberry Moon because they are thre best food! Foraging is fun at Shine because at my house all I can forage is old food I already didn’t want.

Now I’m riding the backpack on my Da. We are having a Fathers Day snuggle.

Rocking Horse

A Day in the Life

I got back to my old house! Da got us at the airport and when we got home I saw Mimee and my uncle Matt. It the morning Poppy came in to see me and I showed everybody all my new stuff. We ate some breakfast.

Did you know I have all these cool toys at my house? I have books and animals and Phydeaux and a rocking horse. Mimee put me on my horse and I rocked him all by myself. Then I dismounted like a cowboy and told her more please! She put me back over and over so I could practice my expert horsemanship.

Malibu Duke’s

A Day in the Life

A few nights ago I met Anty Dianna and Grama Dorothy. We went to a fancy restaurant in Malibu and I ate the most delicious rice ever. I ate it all. Some got on the ground but I ate some of that too. I showed my new friend my Gibbon and my baby octopus. The beach was right outside our window and the ocean was splashing it a little, so I sat with Grama Dorothy and looked out at it.

Yesterday was kind of boring. I watched Little Bear in the morning and I showed Mama the duck. I pointed and told her “duck!” Nana helped me bounce on a yoga ball. Everyone was a little sick though, so we didn’t do anything exciting. I barely even went outside.

I miss my family at my home. I don’t know if I will ever see them again. Mama shows me pictures and I help her say the names. Da and Mimee and Poppy and Uncle Matt and Iris and Auntie and Uncle Michael and Grandma and Grandpa. And Phydeaux. I wonder if Phydeaux will come visit me at Nana’s house.


A Day in the Life

California tomorrow! Today I’m just going to eat this frittata and play with my toys while Mama packs up a hundred pounds of stuff. I’ll need my little dresses and my swimsuits and my night time books and my sunhat. My tummy is better today. Before I leave I’m getting in lots of snuggle time with my family, especially Phydeaux. I love my dog. I tell him so with sign language. Mama’s going to be too busy to play or go on a walk today, and I’m already planning some funny tricks to get more attention. Like pouring my water cup on her vitamins. And telling her “milk” in sign a hundred times even when I’m not hungry or thirsty. I’ll do cute things too, like sing my “mamamaamama” song and dance with my arms, just to be on the safe side.