Ride the Little Boat

A Day in the Life

More adventures every day with Nana and Papa: we rode this boat over to Port Orchard to look at old cars. When I get old we will have fairs where I show everybody my cool toys and they will give me thousands of money to have my shiny old stuff.

I got thirsty so I poured lots of water on my feet and then my butt was damp in the stroller. I eat french fries with my fork, in my left hand. Lemons and limes are also delicious.


Nana Came to My House!

A Day in the Life

When I got up from my nap, Nana and Papa were here! They brought a little house stuck on the back of their truck. They brought me a book and a moose and some bubbles! Iris came for dinner with her friends and we ate chicken legs.

I ate more berries too. I have alpine strawberries and tiny blueberries and white currants, so I filled up my belly.

Oh oh! Nana and Papa brought my radio that sings elmo and cookie monster songs, and my bead roller, and my farm spinner. I have so much toys I need a new house to fit it all.

Iris’s friends are two boys. They are really interesting. They move fast, make noises, and almost light up, so they are pretty much better than any toys. Except they are more dangerous. When I am by myself and get hurt, it is usually because I was trying to do something new. When there are big kids running around, I can get hurt just standing there doing nothing.

What are we going to do tomorrow? It is always exciting when we go out with Nana. Hmmmm.

Ventura Harbor Andria’s

A Day in the Life

Seafood dinner! I am eating scallops and shrimp and carrots and pasta and some rice and some fries. I am sharing with everyone. I dip my shrimp in sauce and say “bip bip!”

We rode on a carousel today too. First I sat on a short donkey that I could ride by myself. Then I got on an angry horse that went up and down and up and down. I love up and down, especially because I sing my song “up, dun, up, dun.” Also I fed my Ohs to some birds. They fought each other. It was a little scary.

Beach Swing

A Day in the Life

Nana and Papa and Mama came with me to play at the beach. This time we came to a playground with a big boat with a zipline. Mama went on the zipline while I climbed up the logs to the boat. Papa and I climbed on the rocks and Nana put me on the short slide. Then I took Mama on the big slide with me because it was too tall for her to go alone. I climbed up some stairs over and over. Stairs are my favorite toy. We are having a good time around Ventura Harbor. It makes me really thirsty. “More milk please,” I say with my hands. That’s my best sentence. It usually works pretty good.

Nana and Papa!

A Day in the Life

I found Nana and Papa at the last airport, and we got in the car to Santa Paula. That made me pretty grumpy because I already sat in chairs enough today. At the end, we got to a restaurant called Tia Babe’s which had really yummy salsa and beans. I climbed the little stairs up and down and up and down all by myself. I sang and danced and waved “love you” to Papa and made some friends with some surfers. I love climbing and wiggling so much. I just can’t stop. It is pretty and sunny. Mama tickled me in the car. I’m so tired and happy. Tomorrow I’m going to the pool and I’m going to catch a lizard.