Nursing Helen

A Day in the Life


Helen just popped on my belly. And Helen came out and Helen was baby like this, see? Helen popped out of my belly. Just popped out of my belly. A little baby in my belly and uncle Brendan and Auntie Erin said my baby come out.


Staying Home In My Yard

A Day in the Life

I did not go to the beach today. Nana and Papa and Mimee and Poppy and Auntie and Iris and Matt went. But I stayed home and took my nap at nap time, and when I woke up I peed and cried and made lonely noises until Mama came and gave me milk.

We came outside. I played with the outside toys and the water and my dog Phydeaux. I peed more.

Eventually Iris came back and we played outside together, sitting in my bucket and picking berries. We take turns bossing each other. That works pretty good but I wish I could pick her up and haul her to the other side of the room too.

No clothes in the summer! When I was a little baby it was cold and we stayed inside and wore coats. Now I am warm and outside and naked for the rest of my life! Sunshine forever! Drink out of the hose always!