Rory’s Room

A Day in the Life


He goes wherever he wants, these days. He stands up in the middle of the floor, walks across, and changes directions when something new catches his eye. If anyone feels like a little chase, he’s only too happy to run away. With a spotter, he can take the stairs, and with a little reminder he’ll even spin around to go feet first off of any elevated surface. Dangle dangle, little toes. Then grab the ground and sprint away.


From his little front room, he can creep up the step stool we painted in the summer. It’s the perfect spot to view the neighbors walking up and down the sidewalk, the garden growing in our front yard, and the HUG farm volunteers checking in on turnips in the right-of-way. He sings a song to them, and sometimes taps on the window.


Edie joins her brother to look out and to investigate the toys from his shelves. Seeing a big kid handling the treasures is a great provocation; he peers intently at pictures, or shape blocks, or animals she sets down. They talk together in a wiggly body language they both know by heart.


Every day his world is getting bigger, and it all starts in his own little room.


Exploring Hilltop

A Day in the Life


Let’s go on a walk? Go across the street. Go up a hill. Let’s take my red soccer ball. Kick it! Go get it!


I want to eat it. I pick mint. Go up the alley. It’s rocks on the ground. I want more mint. Go across this street, and go over there. I don’t want to go over there. Shall we go to play group? Play group is Friday.


Look. I find a tiny chair.

Naked Nature

A Day in the Life

We are nature watching. We put bread crumbs out the dining room for birds and a bowl of milk out the kitchen for kitty cats. Two cats come! They don’t drink the milk though. They just tease each other. Where other kitty cat go? Two kitty cats go! Jump down kitty! Other one kitty cat. Mommy! Get down cat. Meow! Meow! Where kitty cats go? No milk. Kitty poop over there, remember?


I watch out the window in case they come back. I am naked because I poured water on my dress at dinner. My belly is full of tofu and sweet peas. I am awake after my bedtime. This is the real thing.

Manette Playfield

A Day in the Life

I have been grumpy for two days so Mama says we have to go to the park. I would rather go swim and I tell her so. In spite of that I don’t put up much fight getting my jacket and shoes.

My stroller is handy when I am grumpy and don’t want to walk. As we get close though, I feel a little better and I think this might be fun.

It is. I climb up the stairs, run across the bridge, and slam down the slide. Watch me climb! I am the best at climbing and I try out the round ladder. I can do it mostly, if Mama stands close. Other kids come and run and yell and go up and down. I watch them and choose somewhere else to play. The baby goes down the big slide with her sister. I need one of those big sister things. I should have brought Iris.

Inside the tunnel, I stick out my lips for kissing. It is a funny game. Sometimes I let Mama kiss me but sometimes I hide. Then she hides too. Mama? Mama! Boo!

I balance on the edge and explore by myself. I make Mama hold my hand. I feel much better.

As I side note I ate some sushi today. By far the best part is the pickled ginger. It is pink.

Wild Places by my House

A Day in the Life

It was time to go to a wild place again so I got my Monkey and strapped him in my back. I picked him at a garage sale.

We went to the adventure place by the school. The kids are in the play yard so I told Mama “Kids! Kids! Run!” but she didn’t let me go play with them. Instead we walked down a driveway into the forest and the meadow. There used to be a river here but it is all dried up from no raining. I foraged fat juicy berries and I peeled apart the papers from a money tree. Every dandelion puff I saw, I picked it and puffed it. We walked through a thick viney trail and I made Mama hold my hand so she would be safe. At the end of the trail we fould piles of leaves to kick and a puddle of tiny acorns. Some squirrels were nearby waiting for us to leave the acorns alone. I told Mama “acorn!” so that she would hold the ones I collected. I wanted to give the squirrels some acorns but they were good at finding their own in the tree. I got up with Mama to watch.

Let’s go bouldering.

Front Yard Morning Play

A Day in the Life

Outside in our front yard we see all our neighbors going by. Some of them I am happy to see so I wave and call “Hi!” Some of them I don’t want to talk to.

A lot of our neighbors are animals. We can see the dog across the street and he barks at us. There is a big murder of crows in a tree down the block. I show Mama the birds, and she shows me how to talk to them. “Raant! RAANT!” I tell them.

Our grass has pretty white dots of clover on it. Mama says they are okay to pick, so I pull out seven flowers and put them in her hand. Sometimes I get the whole flower and sometimes I just get some petals, but I like them.

We fold some laundry in the sunshine. I help by shaking the clean things before Mama folds them. I help a lot because I will be responsible for a lot of responsibilities pretty soon.