Easter Hunt

A Day in the Life


Pretty dress on me. This come from Nana. Thank you for pretty dress! Put on white sandals too. I find a egg! Blue one over there! Yellow one up in a tree! I put it in my basket. Candy in it! I like a chocolate. Thank you Aydan. Give candy baby Drake!


Grandma house. Where is it! I don’t know. I don’t see it. Look it! A tiny egg!  On the grass and rocks and on the grass. Waiting. I want candy. I like candy. Candy please. I love candy. Mom. Candy now! I want it!


Huckleberry Scones and Tea

A Day in the Life

Iris made scones with Mama, with the mix that Nana brought us. They made sandwiches and fruit and Iris picked flowers to put in a fancy decoration. I ate lots of that stuff and also lots of bean salad. Tea parties are great. Matt came to our party. He says he loves tea food, especially cucumber sandwiches. I even drank a little cup of tea. I got even a second cup so I dipped my grape in it.

Ride the Little Boat

A Day in the Life

More adventures every day with Nana and Papa: we rode this boat over to Port Orchard to look at old cars. When I get old we will have fairs where I show everybody my cool toys and they will give me thousands of money to have my shiny old stuff.

I got thirsty so I poured lots of water on my feet and then my butt was damp in the stroller. I eat french fries with my fork, in my left hand. Lemons and limes are also delicious.

First Time at Seattle Aquarium

A Day in the Life

I was at the Aquarium because Nana is here. All us girls rode the boat to Seattle. The walk was nice and we saw fountains and birds, but the inside was the best. I love fish. We saw fish from our area and also beautiful bright tropical fish. When I saw the octopus I talked octopus language to him with my hands. I was getting tired and tried to take a nap on the ground. We went out to the birds and I saw puffins swimming and sitting. I never saw birds and fish playing together before. Oh the jellyfish were beautiful! Fish fish fish. Also seals are wonderful, and otters.

After the Aquarium I was just chewing on my octopus toy and we went shopping at Pike Place. It was really busy with so many people, so I didn’t get to walk by myself. I would get squished. So I rode up on everyone’s shoulders.

Mama didn’t come back on the boat because she went to girl time. I got the whole evening with Da. He works far away so I don’t always get to see him. I love you Da! I miss you very much!

Nana Came to My House!

A Day in the Life

When I got up from my nap, Nana and Papa were here! They brought a little house stuck on the back of their truck. They brought me a book and a moose and some bubbles! Iris came for dinner with her friends and we ate chicken legs.

I ate more berries too. I have alpine strawberries and tiny blueberries and white currants, so I filled up my belly.

Oh oh! Nana and Papa brought my radio that sings elmo and cookie monster songs, and my bead roller, and my farm spinner. I have so much toys I need a new house to fit it all.

Iris’s friends are two boys. They are really interesting. They move fast, make noises, and almost light up, so they are pretty much better than any toys. Except they are more dangerous. When I am by myself and get hurt, it is usually because I was trying to do something new. When there are big kids running around, I can get hurt just standing there doing nothing.

What are we going to do tomorrow? It is always exciting when we go out with Nana. Hmmmm.

Poppy’s Birthday

A Day in the Life

For Poppy’s birthday I am saying his name “Baa pe.” I am also coloring with chalk. In the early afternoon I went to Keyport and we saw our friends. In Keyport there is a parade where we walk around the town two times with our flags and I have a pinwheel Mimee gave me. Nana got me this fancy outfit with special shoes and ribbons on my chest. I rode in Iris’s red wagon. Everything was so exciting like when we saw two firetrucks. I didn’t have to take my nap until we got in the car to come home. Then I took a really really long one. When I got up we had dinner. I like beans and chicken and so much watermelon. I’m pretty used to the banging now, because I slept right through a lot of it. It seems to be getting louder though.

Bye Bye Nana?

A Day in the Life

Mama keeps saying bye bye to all the things here at Nana’s house. It makes me uncomfortable. She went out the door without me and I cried. But she came back. We said bye bye lizards, bye bye birds, bye bye flowers, bye bye lemon trees. I waved, but I didn’t like it. Mama is also talking a lot about Da… What ever happened to him?

I sat with Nana to dot bop, dot bop, dot bop. She snuggled me so good and I put my head on her chest and we made sad faces. I don’t really know what’s going on, but it makes me kind of nervous and sad.

Ventura Harbor Andria’s

A Day in the Life

Seafood dinner! I am eating scallops and shrimp and carrots and pasta and some rice and some fries. I am sharing with everyone. I dip my shrimp in sauce and say “bip bip!”

We rode on a carousel today too. First I sat on a short donkey that I could ride by myself. Then I got on an angry horse that went up and down and up and down. I love up and down, especially because I sing my song “up, dun, up, dun.” Also I fed my Ohs to some birds. They fought each other. It was a little scary.