Go to Mimee and Poppy’s House

A Day in the Life

I go to Mimee’s house, see Phydeaux. Go to Bremerton with Poppy too. I need kombucha. I want my own cup. I need a snack. Where is Mimee? At work. I waiting. Uh oh, a mess. Take a bath. Don’t get it in my eyes. Hello Mimee! Hi!


I snuggle Mimee. Read a book. Sing a song. I like a island. Go with Mimee. Let’s sleep on a couch.

Good morning! I need coffee too. No breakfast, eat a snack. Drink from my straw. Bye bye Mimee, I love you! I love you!


Mimee at Point Defiance Park

A Day in the Life


Mimee come over! Hi! Hello! Go in a store. Pretty earrings. This boy doll, can I have it? My belly too hungry. How about hamburger? And french fries. And that, strawberry that. Drink it.


We walk at a pond. One daddy duck. It’s green, green head duck. It’s curly tail. Throw a rocks in water. It’s dripping! Cherry tree. We find stars on a ground. One red star, this green star, in my hand. It’s falling down! It’s water falling down! It’s beautiful. Hold a hand Mimee. Run up a bridge, run down! Again, again! By myself!


Daffodils. Don’t pick em. Tea pot song Mimee. Sit on a rock. I go in garden. What’s this? What’s this flower? I pick it. It’s daisies. A tree house. Yes, inside. Go out. Go out Mama and Mimee. I got to go pee pee. Cross a bridge. Mimee makes a crown on my head. I want it. I don’t want it. I want it. I see turtles! I see daddy ducks and mama ducks and daddy ducks. I see red fish and yellow fish. It’s blowing bubbles.

Foggy Morning with Mimee

A Day in the Life

I read my bible for as long as I could stand it, then I flipped out of Mama’s bed and ran upstairs to get Mimee. She was using the bathroom sink, so I had a great idea to hang out with her. Potty! I did it by myself but she helped me with my tricky pants.

Now we are snuggling on the couch. We look out at the fog and the birds. Blanket please? We cuddle and I read Mimee’s bible to her; star. Page. Sticker. The stickers are the notes she stuck in there. Candle. There are just little pictures.

Iris? Wow! Grandma, grandpa! Wow! Rachel, Jon, wow! Sunshine. Coffee. Bible.

Mama goes to the bathroom but I find her and knock on the door. Potty, mama. Okay. I climb up and do my job, and I get to press buttons on my one noisy toy while I pee. All done. Okay. Wash hands. Door open. Come on! Pie!

Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pie. Food. Bite cookie. And by cookie I mean whole wheat crust on my half sweet pumpkin pie. Cough. Bless you. Bite bite. All done. Mouth empty. Down. Please Mimee. Thank you.

‘Givin’! Wow!

A Day in the Life

Mimee is teaching me how to make a turkey. We use this silly tool to move juice from the bottom of the pan to the top of the turkey. I help her squeeze the top part. I like helping. I’m big enough.

I take a reading break and soon Mimee lights some candles. I tell her I want to blow the match but it’s a moment too late. She makes a happy face though and lights a new one. Blow. I make the fire stop.

Mimee is busy. She tells me about the friends who are coming and the dinner we will eat. Wow. When she walks to get something I chase her because I can’t let her get away. Mimee! She straightens the bathroom and I peek in the drawers .

Da is home today instead of work. Also Uncle Michael is here. I go in with the guys and watch some silly dogs on a show. Commercials come on. Kitty cat! Kitty cat!

Ooo, now Mimee is vacuuming. I chase her but Poppy scoops me up. We vacuum together. Uncle Matt gives me an olive.

Gratitude is a bit advanced, but I am so happy for my big family.

Hey Everybody Wake Up

A Day in the Life

These days I wake up earlier and I pee in the potty so I can go find Mimee and Poppy upstairs. This morning I was so early that they were still sleeping. I sneaked in there and I was so quiet, but I couldn’t help saying “hi” very quietly.

But Mimee still wakes up, and she opens up her blanket and I creep inside to snuggle her. I snuggled yesterday too. Mimee, let’s always snuggle.

I play pointing games and sing songs while I wait for them to wake up all the way. When we are all up, I sit with Poppy and he reads me a silly poem. Phydeaux rolls on the floor and wags his tail. It is exactly the height of my face so I get up with Mimee again. My dog is just happy because I gave him breakfast with Poppy. One, two, three. Eat your food, Phydeaux.

It is just a quiet morning and we are all happy.

We just Keep Coming Back

A Day in the Life

When we paddled up to the beach the tide was a little too high to walk so I sat with Mimee. Poppy rode on the back of Mama’s kayak. So we parked them on the sandy beach and everyone went and jumped in the water. I made a nest in the sand and watched them splash like fools, until I laughed my head back and clapped at them. But I didn’t go in.

My main job at the beach is to get as much sand on the blankets as possible. I lay down and watch the waves. We snack on pretzels and the grownups have that brown stuff I’m not allowed to drink. Except I try it sometimes when I find the bottles in the recyle. Anyway.

We have oranges and taffy and watch the boats go by. A really low flying airplane slams over the hill and down the passage, and after a while some geese follow.

Turns out those brown bottles make a cool hoot. I carry it around to each grownup and get them to hoot it. I would hoot it myself, but it doesn’t work. So I say “hooooo” and that’s almost as good.