Growing Too Fast For Owls

A Day in the Life

Dear Edie, it used to be that you were too small to put on your own pajamas. But you got stronger and more coordinated, and you learned to lay you jamms flat on the ground. You would sit your bottom down where it belonged and then carefully thread your feet, then your hands, through all the tangled tubes. Then you would zip Zip ZIP all the way up. You wanted help with the button.


But these footie jamms got too small. You put them on one night and went to bed, but pretty soon you came back down the stairs. Your hair was messy and your eyes were sleepy, and you said, “I can’t go to sleep, Mama. My toes are squished.”


So I got out my special scissors and clip Clip CLIPPED the front seam open, and your toes popped out like this.

Then you went potty and came back to me because you still want help with the button. Then you went to bed.

Love, Mama