Poppy’s Birthday

A Day in the Life

For Poppy’s birthday I am saying his name “Baa pe.” I am also coloring with chalk. In the early afternoon I went to Keyport and we saw our friends. In Keyport there is a parade where we walk around the town two times with our flags and I have a pinwheel Mimee gave me. Nana got me this fancy outfit with special shoes and ribbons on my chest. I rode in Iris’s red wagon. Everything was so exciting like when we saw two firetrucks. I didn’t have to take my nap until we got in the car to come home. Then I took a really really long one. When I got up we had dinner. I like beans and chicken and so much watermelon. I’m pretty used to the banging now, because I slept right through a lot of it. It seems to be getting louder though.