Edie’s First Ballet

A Day in the Life

Earlier this month, Edie got to see Iris’s performance of the Nutcracker, and last night Edie got to do her own performance. During our month in Bremerton waiting for Baby Rory, Edie was enrolled at the ballet class at Mimee’s Ymca, and this show was the season finale for the class.

It was also our last opportunity to get our ginger bread houses decorated with Iris… So unfortunately we had a bunch of candy instead of a nap. That set us up for a more chaotic evening than necessary. If it wasn’t for Poppy helping to wrangle the three kids, we would have been sunk- thanks, Poppy.  However, it was all worth it, as the ginger bread and the ballet came out super cute. I didn’t get a photo of the houses, but fear not, I will.

The show involved three short acts in different locations around the Y. The video on the huckleberry school Facebook page captures the first act. As you can imagine, the nap /snack combo forced Edie to slowly devolve by the final act. It was kind of like me in preschool soccer, but please enjoy the proof that Edie learned some great dance, had fun, and jeteed her little heart out.

Meanwhile, Rory visited with a bevvy of ladies whose babies were now three to five year old ballerinas, inspiring a baby fever epidemic.