A Day in the Life


Who is this? I don’t have a mommy or daddy or friends. I just have my sister and my dog. I’m all by myself. About the sisters and the dog, in Tacoma, in here. And I ate their dogs and moms and dads. Because they are noodles.


November Beach Day

A Day in the Life


I’m wearing sunshine clothes for sunshiny day. Sunglasses and clothes from Manila. I wish I could do that. Aydan does and Uncle Patrick and Auntie Kim and baby Drake. Heather got the clothes for me. A blanket on me. A sunshiny day. I want the blue sunglasses now because I’ve been sucking on my yellow ones. Do you like my blue ones?

Today I’m am excited about art. After art we’re gonna read a book. Jingle jingle jingle. I want to tell them that I love them: Baby Oliver loves me!

You should put ” stop hissing in my ear!” Who say that? I don’t know. It’s from Robin Hood. The snake, like in jungle book. Stop hissing in my ear.

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Baby Bears and Princesses

A Day in the Life

On the first day that Gabe came to play with us at the white house, we decided to take a bike ride to the park. Edie and Adele both really like Wright park in the Stadium District of Tacoma, because it has a duck pond, a great climbing area, lots of parkish natural spaces, and even a conservatory with tropical plants. But it was Monday, so the conservatory was closed. Anyway, we all went out to the bike and got ready to go. In this picture, we were feeling silly with all the safety straps. Right after that, we put our helmets on, because of course we never ride bikes without helmets.

One of the great things about Wright Park is that lots of other kids like it too! We were trying out the swings when we first got there, watching the spray ground fountains, and wishing we had brought our swimsuit. Then a bunch of other kids stormed onto the play structure! We raced over to see what they were up to. Turns out there was a princess with her pet baby bear and her pet cat, and also some flexible performers who tried a bunch of roles. Gabe got a great chance to play along as a dragon, and he and the baby bear explored some problem solving techniques for play land. Edie joined the play as an Edie, which is a fantastical creature that mostly watches princesses to figure out how to do that princessy stuff.

When we all got a little worn out, we headed around the duck pond for some nature and chasing. On the way there, we luckily discovered a squirrel to chase, who led us on a crazy adventure through the horseshoe pits. Finally, we arrived at the pond and shared some snacks. We only shared our snacks with each other. Not the ducks. Because of course the sign says not to.

On the whole it was a great adventure for making new friends, practicing important play skills, checking out our community, and getting used to our routine and rules for working together.

A great book we always like reading after Wright Park is “Make Way for Ducklings,” by Robert McCloskey, which deals with a family of ducks who live in a park pond that is startlingly similar to our own park pond. Except Wright Park needs one of these swan boats: