Poppy Brings us to the Library

A Day in the Life

Poppy and Mama and I come to the library because I need to go visit somewhere else but it is chilly and windy out. At our library there is a fun play area with giant blocks and puppets and chairs that are just the right size for me. I build a castle with the girl who is playing here, and we put the king and fairy puppets into the doorway. After she leaves I knock it all down and hop on the castle by myself.

We walk around and look at the books but since I am not supposed to rip them all off the shelf, the most interesting part is the animals on top of the shelf. I give big hugs to Clifford the Big Red Dog, Peter Rabbit, and Paddington Bear.

Mama picks out a couple books in Japanese. I am not very interested in reading today. Mama seems surprised but I let her know, just because we read Harold and the Purple Crayon six times yesterday doen’t mean I feel like reading Each Peach Pear Plum today.


A Visit with Anna at my House

A Day in the Life

I helped Mama vacuum and clean up before Anna got here so my dog hair wouldn’t get on her. I brought out my toys to share.

Our Mamas were drinking tea so I had some too. I like it because it gets the milk warm. Anna didn’t have any so I was trying to share mine by pouring a little in her cup. It didn’t work but she probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

She brought a bracelet of which I was quite jealous. So I took it. Anna cried. I kind of gave it back but eventually managed to con her out of it completely by making Mimee my accomplice. Mimee was like a decoy and I got Anna’s bracelet and hid it with my toys.

We read Harold and the Purple Crayon. He’s so dreamy. Better than the Beattles.

When Anna had to go home I gave her a hug and she gave me a nice hug back. We are both good huggers. I waved out the window while she drove away. Zoom.

Thai Food at the Park

A Day in the Life

I sometimes take these pictures on other peoples’ phones and then I can’t send them to you right away. This one is from Friday when we went to the new Thai restaurant in Manette. We took our food over to the park and I ate it all because it was delicious.

After we finished eating, I played on the bench. Mama and Da ran with me, everyone holding hands, and when I got fast enough I jumped and Flew off the end. I walked on the railing with Mama’s help and we could see the ferry leaving from Bremerton to go to Seattle. I ran up to the top of the hill and then ran So Fast down into Mama’s arms. Also I laughed my head off. I almost fell down I was laughing so hard.

Then we walked home and the moon followed us just like in Harold and the Purple Crayon.