My Red Soccer Ball

A Day in the Life

I like this ball I got for my birthday from my friend Amy. I came outside to play with it in the front yard. When I drop it by the little hill, it roles down and I go pick it up at the curb. It feels good to use my muscles differently and to go fast. For a little break I climb up onto the little table and then slide back down on my belly. It is a little sunny but not very hot, so I am wearing my bear coat.

While I am outside, I touch some nature. It rained here a lot while I was gone, and the grass is tall with little flowers. I pick some brown mushrooms and look at all the parts, top and bottom. I am very careful not to eat the pieces because some mushrooms are poison. But they are okay to touch. I just rinse my hands off really well.

I go around the corner into the garden and smell the purple flowers. Bees like smelling lavender, and I do too. You can’t touch bees because it will scare them and they will poke you, even though they look furry and soft. I push flowers to Mama to smell. We taste the mountain strawberries that are growing under the flowers.



A Day in the Life

Plane to Phoenix worked out fine. I made ten new friends with my dance moves. The airport was cool too. I drove my stroller to the window and watched the planes come and go. The bad part was when Mama dumped me out on the moving walk way.

Hi to all my far away readers, especially my Aunties and Uncles who have to take planes to come see me. Also hi to Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and Austria.

Pink Ball

A Day in the Life

I am playing ball with Mama. I can roll it and catch it when I am sitting down. I can also bounce it on the steps. When Mama has it I get excited and run over to get it, but she reminds me to back up and sit down, so I walk backward to my step and sit down without looking. Sometimes it comes up closer than I thought, but I always finish with my butt on the step. When Mama fakes me out with the ball I laugh and laugh with my muppet voice.

We practice jumping too. Mama says jump jump jump and hops aRound the room. This is hillariously entertaining. I say “mup!” and try to jump too. I can’t seem to quite lift off but it feels awesome when Mama helps me count 123 and jumps me.

Still practicing my chair climbing. I have completely mastered Gramie’s brocade chair. Next week I’m hitting the Himalayas; wanna come?

Not Swimming

A Day in the Life

Today is very sunny but not too hot or windy. I slept a long time because I was so tired from yesterday, and when I got up my Mama and I cuddled in bed. Then she put on our swimsuits and I ate a banana while we walked to the pool. I like the pool better now. Mama showed me how to climb in and out. I can do it almost by myself. I just need help holding a hand to keep my balance when I step in. Today I like splashing with my hands and also sitting on the edge and splashing with my feet. I’m practicing walking on the ledge that is a little deeper, up to my chest. It’s just hard to keep my balance with that much water on me. I like holding the railing too.

On our walk to the pool we saw three dogs. I miss Phydeaux, I told my Mama so. I fell down only two times, but the second time I broke the skin on my knees and now I can see some blood. Not too much though. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Santa Barbara Zoo

A Day in the Life

I am watching the gibbons at the Santa Barbara Zoo. They are yelling and playing! They say “ooooOoo” and I tell them “OOoo Ooo.” I love them and want to be with them so I try to climb through the fence. But there is a moat too. I have a golden gibbon at home just like this one. I got him at the Portland Zoo because those gibbons were so nice and try to hold my hand. I will snuggle him later.

Nana is showing me the birds and Papa is pushing the stroller. I like the cockatoos and the pink flamingos.

Zoos are cool except they always have these irritating enclosures everywhere so I can’t go touch stuff.

Coming Home from the Pool

A Day in the Life

My first time at the pool in Nana’s neighborhood, and I’m on the way home now. Getting in the water at the begining was the worst part about California so far. My Mama is lucky I can’t say jerk yet. Or butthead. After a while though I got kind of used to it. I even splashed and played a little. Also I am super strong because I walked all the way there and back!

My teeth are growing too fast for their own good.

Bugs and Birds

A Day in the Life

After my breakfast of bananas with Nana, Mama and I came outside to look for birds. We see a million! I almost saw a lizard too but he was too fast. Then I found some ants and this snail! I was so gentle and kind to him, because I didn’t want to mash him like the last one. I love him. I told him I love him and I waved at him.

It’s really hard to walk on Nana and Papa’s hilly driveway. I do it sideways like a crab.

Nana and Papa!

A Day in the Life

I found Nana and Papa at the last airport, and we got in the car to Santa Paula. That made me pretty grumpy because I already sat in chairs enough today. At the end, we got to a restaurant called Tia Babe’s which had really yummy salsa and beans. I climbed the little stairs up and down and up and down all by myself. I sang and danced and waved “love you” to Papa and made some friends with some surfers. I love climbing and wiggling so much. I just can’t stop. It is pretty and sunny. Mama tickled me in the car. I’m so tired and happy. Tomorrow I’m going to the pool and I’m going to catch a lizard.