Getting Ready for my Birthday

A Day in the Life


I open it! What is that? It’s a card. From Nana! It’s money! This one from Grandpa Bill. It’s a animal for Edie! It’s money for my jar! Thank you Nana! Thank you Grandpa Bill! I love this cupcake.


Long Time Gone

A Day in the Life

I went on a big trip to visit anty Rachel and that Jon. We went to two woods and ate pie. I threw rocks in the water and played with Tiki’s blocks and went to the nursury at Bethany Church.

Two nights in Seattle, then we went to Tacoma two more nights. I visited Uncle Brendan at his new house and the next day I went to play with trains and then we found Grandma at the Rosewood. In the evening Uncle Brendan came over with Auntie Erin and this kid Seth who turns out to be my cousin once removed. And a ton of other people. I love Grandma most often. We ate more pie.

Today we went to a restaraunt with amazing beans, La Fondita, with Grandma and Mama. Oh yes, and Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Erin, Uncle Brendan, and my blue dog. It was ‘licious and yummy. In the bathroom I fell down, and I told everyone my sad story. And by everyone I mean Grandma.

Tonight I am going back to Mimee and Poppy’s house. I miss them and I hope I’m not too tired to snuggle and eat pie.

Grandma and Grandpa Bring the Grapes

A Day in the Life

In their garden, my grandparents were growing lots of yummy foods. Today Grandma came to visit me with Grandpa, and they brought me snacks. I was napping and then I was hungry, so it was perfect. I ate the tomatos and the green grapes all off the stems but I shared with Grandma. And with Mama.

When I was all the way woken up we got set and walked down to Der Blokken. I was balancing on the curb and holding Grandma’s hand. We see lots of cats and I point so everyone looks. “Cat. Bird. Cars.” I hold hands and walk the whole way.

When we get to the pub, I play with ice and drink the water while we wait for our food. “Fun!” I tell Grandma. We talk about the sun and the clouds. We also talk about Aydan and I join in. I miss Aydan. Hey Aydan, let’s have our birthdays together. Whenever you get a chance.

I take a little walk with Grandma. We smell flowers and look around the neighborhood, in the windows of the pub to see Mama and Da and Grandpa. It’s sunny. I’m very happy.

Grandma’s Kitchen Toys

A Day in the Life

I slept so good in the little bed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It helped that I was totally worn out from going outside and walking walking never stopping. I slept in one spot and didn’t even move for eight hours! Then I got in bed with Mama and slept for four more hours. Perfect. Maybe I need my own room.

It’s nice to wake up and hang out with Grandma in the morning. I play with all her toys, especially her cups and bowls and pans. She took me on a walk and got me a ladybug cookie. I used some measuring cups to spoon pieces of my cookie into my mouth. I also play with a dog and a bear and lots of books. Grandma and Grandpa both read a lot so it’s easy to find books everywhere in their house. My house is kind of like that too. I love books.

Train Playground

A Day in the Life

We put Iris and Auntie on an airplane and then we came to a store. The store was kind of boring so I wiggled to entertain myself. Then we found this awesome climbing toy to get on! Some big boys were playing on it really crazy, so I just watched for a while. Then I held my Mama’s hand and climbed up a slide. I went down and up and down and up.

Then I was ready to go night night. When I woke up I was at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I’m going to sleep here tonight! Mama and Da get in the truck and drive away. I wave, bye bye, I love you!

Malibu Duke’s

A Day in the Life

A few nights ago I met Anty Dianna and Grama Dorothy. We went to a fancy restaurant in Malibu and I ate the most delicious rice ever. I ate it all. Some got on the ground but I ate some of that too. I showed my new friend my Gibbon and my baby octopus. The beach was right outside our window and the ocean was splashing it a little, so I sat with Grama Dorothy and looked out at it.

Yesterday was kind of boring. I watched Little Bear in the morning and I showed Mama the duck. I pointed and told her “duck!” Nana helped me bounce on a yoga ball. Everyone was a little sick though, so we didn’t do anything exciting. I barely even went outside.

I miss my family at my home. I don’t know if I will ever see them again. Mama shows me pictures and I help her say the names. Da and Mimee and Poppy and Uncle Matt and Iris and Auntie and Uncle Michael and Grandma and Grandpa. And Phydeaux. I wonder if Phydeaux will come visit me at Nana’s house.