Ladybug Please

A Day in the Life


One of the best things about my white house is that I have a big back yard. So far it has been too yucky outside to spend a long time out there but this week some spring happened. Mama was digging because there were some blackberry plants. They are the wrong kind of blackberries and there is nothing yummy on them. I was watching all the creatures.


I have one two three seven eight ants by my stump. I have two ladybugs in my grass. I have one two five six worms in my dirt. I put on my naturalist eyes and watch their tiny legs and mouths and tails. Ladybug I like hold it. Red. Fly away.

Grandma and Grandpa Bring the Grapes

A Day in the Life

In their garden, my grandparents were growing lots of yummy foods. Today Grandma came to visit me with Grandpa, and they brought me snacks. I was napping and then I was hungry, so it was perfect. I ate the tomatos and the green grapes all off the stems but I shared with Grandma. And with Mama.

When I was all the way woken up we got set and walked down to Der Blokken. I was balancing on the curb and holding Grandma’s hand. We see lots of cats and I point so everyone looks. “Cat. Bird. Cars.” I hold hands and walk the whole way.

When we get to the pub, I play with ice and drink the water while we wait for our food. “Fun!” I tell Grandma. We talk about the sun and the clouds. We also talk about Aydan and I join in. I miss Aydan. Hey Aydan, let’s have our birthdays together. Whenever you get a chance.

I take a little walk with Grandma. We smell flowers and look around the neighborhood, in the windows of the pub to see Mama and Da and Grandpa. It’s sunny. I’m very happy.

Apples on my Tree

A Day in the Life

I have been eating for an hour and a half. I had a sweet potato which I ate like an apple, and then I picked a bunch of tomatos from our plants. Those tomatos are the best invention.

These apples were growing on my tree all summer and I was careful not to pick them (unlike the tiny oranges in the back yard). But some evil thieves took our best apples! And worms got some too.

But today I found just the right apple for me, under some leaves on a low branch, with no worm holes, all red and shiny. I told Mama, “Apple! Pick?” and she said okay. I had to pull with both hands but finally it popped off and I stuck it in my mouth. I have just the right teeth for apple biting.

Blueberries at the Yellow House

A Day in the Life

We rode down to the Yellow House on our bike today. I have to wear a hat to keep my helmet on. We are eating the berries because no one else comes here, blueberries and black raspberries! I am a very good berry picker, and I love the shiney ripe ones. I don’t mind geen ones at all either. We walk around and around, looking at everything and hoping, and putting the trash people leave in the trashcans where it belongs.

We might live here one day, before Christmas maybe. No one lives here so we have to ask the bank if we can trade all the money we will ever have for this house. I think that will be a pretty good trade because money tastes gross and you’re not allowed to play with it anyway. This house tastes yummy, with berries and sage and lemon balm and green apples and plums and sunshine. And there’s lots to play with.

My New Bike Trailer

A Day in the Life

Yesterday we went to Port Orchard and bought a bike trailer from a pregnant lady. It was a little tricky to get the bolt off Mama’s bike so I was helping her. Then we got Poppy to help. Now it will be easy to go on bike rides because we got it all adjusted right. Iris is over and she still fits in the trailer with me a little so we rode around the block to practice. I’m so excited. But also I’m very sleepy. Now we are driving just in the stroller to see the Manette Edible Gardens. I think I’ll go night night.

Crunchy Sprouts

A Day in the Life

I make sprouts, which have prety much every vitamin and enzymes and everything that’s good for you. It’s very easy. We put some seeds in a jar with lots of water for one night. Then every day at morning and night we rinse them with water until they’re big and green. I love them and eat them in big handfuls. Sometimes the handfuls are too big like in this picture. They are crunchy and fresh and wet and the flavor is a bit sweet. Even kids who hate brocolli probably love sprouts. Except brocolli sprouts. My favorites so far are alfalfa and mung beans. We’re going to try adzuki next. My other favorite snack today is cherries from our tree. We have a grafted tree so some are red and some are yellow. I say “berry? Berry?” and my Mama knows what I’m talking about.