Snacks in our House

A Day in the Life

In the garden we have tomatos growing and also some berries. We used to have cherries but I ate them all gone.

My teeth keep poking me. I don’t like it. It makes me feel grinchy and like there’s not enough milk left in the world. I’m pickier about food and I don’t like to eat very much at one time. My mouth gets tired.

Here some snacks I still like:

Garden Forage Mac and Cheese

Apricot Pizza


Berries Berries Berries

A Day in the Life

It’s summer so it’s just time to forage all the time. Me and Iris went out to get blackberries at Mimee’s friends’ house. There were so many and lots were close to the ground so I filled up my belly. We got to walk around and see all the new trees. They will have apples on them, or as I like to say “Apps.” You don’t even need a smart phone to get food from plants.

Mixed in with the blackberries we found salal, blue huckleberries, and thimbleberry plants. I never tried salal before but Mama looked it up in her book and it said “safe” so we all tried some.

By the gardens there are chickens and bees. We feed the chickens some dandelion greens, and watch the bees come to water to bring it back and cool off their hive. I tell them, “drink, bees!”

Staying Home In My Yard

A Day in the Life

I did not go to the beach today. Nana and Papa and Mimee and Poppy and Auntie and Iris and Matt went. But I stayed home and took my nap at nap time, and when I woke up I peed and cried and made lonely noises until Mama came and gave me milk.

We came outside. I played with the outside toys and the water and my dog Phydeaux. I peed more.

Eventually Iris came back and we played outside together, sitting in my bucket and picking berries. We take turns bossing each other. That works pretty good but I wish I could pick her up and haul her to the other side of the room too.

No clothes in the summer! When I was a little baby it was cold and we stayed inside and wore coats. Now I am warm and outside and naked for the rest of my life! Sunshine forever! Drink out of the hose always!

More Summer Foraging

A Day in the Life

It was time for a bike ride again, and we rode down to the Yellow House. On the way we stopped and picked these blackberries Grandma spotted the other day, the first of the season. We put them in our tray, except I mostly ate them. Then we loaded back up and got more blueberries, and a bunch of yellow plums. Tonight we will have a nice fruit dessert!

I got my own plum, too, and I ate it all up with extra juice exploding all over. There’s a hard thing in the middle so look out for that.

Reading and Quesadillas

A Day in the Life

In the afternoon sometimes I take my book out and read on the deck by myself. I am reading “I’ll Teach My Dog a lot of Words.”

Today I’m having some quesadillas. We made some sauce with salsa and yoghurt, and I dip dip my pieces in it.

Poppy gets home on Matt’s motorcycle. I miss Matt. I hear his motorcycle and say “Matt!” but Mama says it’s just Poppy. I love Poppy too but I really miss Matt. I make sad eyes.

Blueberries at the Yellow House

A Day in the Life

We rode down to the Yellow House on our bike today. I have to wear a hat to keep my helmet on. We are eating the berries because no one else comes here, blueberries and black raspberries! I am a very good berry picker, and I love the shiney ripe ones. I don’t mind geen ones at all either. We walk around and around, looking at everything and hoping, and putting the trash people leave in the trashcans where it belongs.

We might live here one day, before Christmas maybe. No one lives here so we have to ask the bank if we can trade all the money we will ever have for this house. I think that will be a pretty good trade because money tastes gross and you’re not allowed to play with it anyway. This house tastes yummy, with berries and sage and lemon balm and green apples and plums and sunshine. And there’s lots to play with.


A Day in the Life

Then we went on this train in the sky between the tall buildings. We were pretty hungry so we got some chips at a mexican restaurant in the top of a tall building. We sat outside where we could see firetrucks and busses, and right about when I got sick of chips the beans came. I love beans. They are the best food. Mama wouldn’t share her fancy milk but Iris shared her chicken.

We finished dinner and went to some stores with the escalator. I played with cool instruments like a Peruvia shaker. I have an Aunt and Uncle in Peru, you know. They gave me my Llama and I’m going to go see them.

Then we ran ten blocks. Mimee was pushing me in the stroller. We were so fast we even caught a ferry! I walked on the top deck and came up and down lots of stairs. It was still dark when we got home.

Zoo with Friends

A Day in the Life

It was a little cloudy when we got to the zoo but it got warm and pretty. We sat by the playground and ate quiche and muffins and fruit, and we all climbed on the alligator and the rocks afterward. I like the bathroom by the piranas because it has a little potty and a big potty, so I can sit on it without my potty seat.

The walruses were playing with us. At first it was kind of funny but then I realized they are really big. They rubbed their whole backs right on the glass I was looking at and I could see their eyes and their feet. I showed them my feet. I also liked the meerkats because they were frisky and all snuggling a tiny sleepy baby. Another good one was the gnu. He has toys on his head. There are some pretty sweet dogs that are swimming that are called seals. I showed everyone they are dogs but Cami said they were fish. They are kind of like fish and kind of like dogs. I didn’t get to see the other fish because I fell asleep on Mama’s head right before the aquarium.

Crunchy Sprouts

A Day in the Life

I make sprouts, which have prety much every vitamin and enzymes and everything that’s good for you. It’s very easy. We put some seeds in a jar with lots of water for one night. Then every day at morning and night we rinse them with water until they’re big and green. I love them and eat them in big handfuls. Sometimes the handfuls are too big like in this picture. They are crunchy and fresh and wet and the flavor is a bit sweet. Even kids who hate brocolli probably love sprouts. Except brocolli sprouts. My favorites so far are alfalfa and mung beans. We’re going to try adzuki next. My other favorite snack today is cherries from our tree. We have a grafted tree so some are red and some are yellow. I say “berry? Berry?” and my Mama knows what I’m talking about.