Potato Day

A Day in the Life, Farm Book


Once I was digging the potatoes with my mom.


Um, my brother was playing in the dirt when my mommy and me were digging out the potatoes.
I was touching my hands on the dirt when my daddy took a picture. It was soft and squishy like toilet paper. Rocks and dirt and roots and stuff.
I found a potato in the dirt with my mother. Not very excited. I didn’t know we were not going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Because every year when summer starts we dig out the potatoes at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


My brother was taking a bath in the dirt. My mom was cleaning my brother’s hands. That’s all for this weekend! -Edie

Although it was a pretty drizzly, we knew we needed to get the potatoes in for the winter before they got soggy in the ground. Edie worked hard to help sort out the yellow balls from the clumpy dirt. It was the first day Rory tried on his rain boots, and he was not impressed. While we sorted through the dirt, Rory thrashed around the wet sidewalk and figured out how to get his boots off. It wasn’t exactly his happiest moment. As he settled into the weather, though, he crept into the dirt and squished his own little mud pile. Wet, but not too cold, we headed into the mudroom to strip down and pre-rinse for a nice warm bath. -Mama



A Day in the Life


Who is this? I don’t have a mommy or daddy or friends. I just have my sister and my dog. I’m all by myself. About the sisters and the dog, in Tacoma, in here. And I ate their dogs and moms and dads. Because they are noodles.

Chicken Soup and Ochange

A Day in the Life

I’m still kind of sick. Sleepy sleepy eye. Mama. Please. Sad sad sad. Night night.

I take my nap but it doesn’t work. I can’t hold my body still and I can’t fall asleep. We try everything, stories, singing, rocking, laying still. Finally I get in Mama’s bed and snuggle some milk. We rest for a while and I sleep a bit. When I wake up we take a shower and go up for remedy food. Homemade chicken soup with mushrooms, onions, carrots, and celery. I’m still hungry. Ochange? Ochange please? Mama peels me a clementine and I shove three segments in my mouth at a time. I sip my dandelion tea and chomp a few tomatos.

Mama asks how I feel. Happy. My voice is like a muppet and sometimes no words come out. I have a winning smile though so I use that instead.

Snuggle Fever

A Day in the Life

Today sucked. Fortunately I have a nice personality.

I had a fever in the morning so I grinched and whined at my Mama until she gave up on all her stupid jobs. I refused all my breakfast and used my sad glazey eyes to make her give me a pound of oranges later. I took all the milk and some crackers and mostly licked them sticky while watching three episodes of ‘Gabba Gabba.

Mama let me play with a bucket of rice. I used spoons to scoop and pour and I helped clean up at the end. A little.

We ate some lunch and Mama read me some Wind in the Willows while I fell asleep.

I got up and was kind of confused so instead of coming upstairs I wandered around and had an accident. Then I just had to yell until Mama came down to find out ‘happened.

Then she tried to make dinner. What a crazy idea. I was trying to show her that her dinner recipe wasn’t going to work by pulling things off the counter. My balance is messed up. Stuff fell on my head. I fell on my head. The chicken was yucky too.

‘Givin’! Wow!

A Day in the Life

Mimee is teaching me how to make a turkey. We use this silly tool to move juice from the bottom of the pan to the top of the turkey. I help her squeeze the top part. I like helping. I’m big enough.

I take a reading break and soon Mimee lights some candles. I tell her I want to blow the match but it’s a moment too late. She makes a happy face though and lights a new one. Blow. I make the fire stop.

Mimee is busy. She tells me about the friends who are coming and the dinner we will eat. Wow. When she walks to get something I chase her because I can’t let her get away. Mimee! She straightens the bathroom and I peek in the drawers .

Da is home today instead of work. Also Uncle Michael is here. I go in with the guys and watch some silly dogs on a show. Commercials come on. Kitty cat! Kitty cat!

Ooo, now Mimee is vacuuming. I chase her but Poppy scoops me up. We vacuum together. Uncle Matt gives me an olive.

Gratitude is a bit advanced, but I am so happy for my big family.

Thai Food at the Park

A Day in the Life

I sometimes take these pictures on other peoples’ phones and then I can’t send them to you right away. This one is from Friday when we went to the new Thai restaurant in Manette. We took our food over to the park and I ate it all because it was delicious.

After we finished eating, I played on the bench. Mama and Da ran with me, everyone holding hands, and when I got fast enough I jumped and Flew off the end. I walked on the railing with Mama’s help and we could see the ferry leaving from Bremerton to go to Seattle. I ran up to the top of the hill and then ran So Fast down into Mama’s arms. Also I laughed my head off. I almost fell down I was laughing so hard.

Then we walked home and the moon followed us just like in Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Apples on my Tree

A Day in the Life

I have been eating for an hour and a half. I had a sweet potato which I ate like an apple, and then I picked a bunch of tomatos from our plants. Those tomatos are the best invention.

These apples were growing on my tree all summer and I was careful not to pick them (unlike the tiny oranges in the back yard). But some evil thieves took our best apples! And worms got some too.

But today I found just the right apple for me, under some leaves on a low branch, with no worm holes, all red and shiny. I told Mama, “Apple! Pick?” and she said okay. I had to pull with both hands but finally it popped off and I stuck it in my mouth. I have just the right teeth for apple biting.

Huckleberry Scones and Tea

A Day in the Life

Iris made scones with Mama, with the mix that Nana brought us. They made sandwiches and fruit and Iris picked flowers to put in a fancy decoration. I ate lots of that stuff and also lots of bean salad. Tea parties are great. Matt came to our party. He says he loves tea food, especially cucumber sandwiches. I even drank a little cup of tea. I got even a second cup so I dipped my grape in it.