Happy Anniversary Mama and Da

A Day in the Life

I’m having a great day, Happy Anniversary Mama & Da. Today Mimee and Poppy are taking good care of me and I play with Iris too!


Front Yard Morning Play

A Day in the Life

Outside in our front yard we see all our neighbors going by. Some of them I am happy to see so I wave and call “Hi!” Some of them I don’t want to talk to.

A lot of our neighbors are animals. We can see the dog across the street and he barks at us. There is a big murder of crows in a tree down the block. I show Mama the birds, and she shows me how to talk to them. “Raant! RAANT!” I tell them.

Our grass has pretty white dots of clover on it. Mama says they are okay to pick, so I pull out seven flowers and put them in her hand. Sometimes I get the whole flower and sometimes I just get some petals, but I like them.

We fold some laundry in the sunshine. I help by shaking the clean things before Mama folds them. I help a lot because I will be responsible for a lot of responsibilities pretty soon.

My Red Soccer Ball

A Day in the Life

I like this ball I got for my birthday from my friend Amy. I came outside to play with it in the front yard. When I drop it by the little hill, it roles down and I go pick it up at the curb. It feels good to use my muscles differently and to go fast. For a little break I climb up onto the little table and then slide back down on my belly. It is a little sunny but not very hot, so I am wearing my bear coat.

While I am outside, I touch some nature. It rained here a lot while I was gone, and the grass is tall with little flowers. I pick some brown mushrooms and look at all the parts, top and bottom. I am very careful not to eat the pieces because some mushrooms are poison. But they are okay to touch. I just rinse my hands off really well.

I go around the corner into the garden and smell the purple flowers. Bees like smelling lavender, and I do too. You can’t touch bees because it will scare them and they will poke you, even though they look furry and soft. I push flowers to Mama to smell. We taste the mountain strawberries that are growing under the flowers.

Busy Thursday

A Day in the Life

I had Anna and Cami over in the morning, and after they left I played outside with Phydeaux. We were smelling flowers. I think there must be a flower on my butt. I smelled roses and lilacs and irises. I watered my spinach again but I don’t think it’s ever going to grow. Then I dug in the dirt and found more ladybugs and some spiders.

My snack was zucchini and and an omlette with mushrooms. I had a long nap and woke up in time to go to Easton’s house. He can walk now so we walked around and danced for a while but then he had to go to bed. I was sad for him to leave but I still got to play with his kitchen boxes. His mom is so cool. And I had some chocolate icecream.

On the way home we went to the Yellow House. I watched birds in the trees and Mama talked out loud like a maniac. When we walk home from the Yellow House I smell more flowers.

I only peed one diaper today. Now I’m tired. Tomorrow, more Aydan!