Rory and Edie, potty buddies

A Day in the Life


We have been enjoying our diaper service, blending with paper diapers when we travel, and this week, Baby Rory started on option three: elimination communication. This worked well for Edie, who was out of diapers at eighteen months, so I was excited to try with Rory. We’re starting a few months earlier this time, and so far it’s been really encouraging.


Rory quickly relaxes when given a chance to sit on the potty at certain times a day, like right after nursing or getting out of a sling or backpack. It’s been fun to try out potty choices and save diapers by putting waste where it belongs, in the toilet. Edie helps by getting fresh diapers, checking if baby is wet, and making the hushing sounds we will teach him to associate with relaxing on a potty. He appreciates the help keeping clean… Most of the time.


It’s not always easier than just sticking a paper diap on, but I like the trade off. It takes more intentionality right at first, and since the convenient supplies are different from things used for conventional diapers and potty training, it takes some resourcefulness and experimentation to get started. For us, the rash prevention and the diaper savings are worth it in the long run. It ends up feeling much simpler and less wasteful.

Edie still uses her own potty at night since our only bathroom is so far from the bedrooms, and we keep some around the house for baby potty ease… For a little while it will be quite the potty parade around here!


Park. Okay.

A Day in the Life

My dog gets crazy when he is missing Poppy. Me too. Poppy was on the boat in the rain and thunder and now he is back. We ride his car to the park and I throw the ball for Phydeaux. Poppy also throws the ball but he throws it too far. Phydeaux throws the ball for me. Catch ball. Go go! Phydeaux! I climb up. Slide? Okay. My butt gets wet but it’s not pee.

I hold Poppy’s hand. I missed him so much! Poppy: home.

We get back to our house. More rain. Mama and I make tea and I drink lots. My hands are so cold. I fill up my belly with hot tea.

But this is a problem. I am really good at putting all my pee in the potty, but tea makes it too hard. I run for the potty and put most off it in there. Wet unders. Hmm. I carry my pants and unders to the laundry and get new ones. Mama helps me thread my legs through all the holes in the right directions. All clean.

My eyes are sleepy. I eat a whole banana and half an avacado. Okay. Story. Night night. A nice nap.

All Done with Diapers

A Day in the Life

The last few days I decided let’s not pee in diapers or unders any more. I was already really good at peeing and pooping on the potty but I used to pee and poop in diapers too. We did EC since I was a little baby so I knew how to relax on the potty and let pee come out.

So we spent a few days with only little unders or naked in the kitchen and I learned how to pull my unders up and down by myself, climb up and down from the potty, and listen for my body for pee that’s ready to come out. I haven’t put any pee in my unders since my nap yesterday!

This morning I got a special dolly from Iris and I am taking good care of her. I give her hugs and kisses, and I teach her to sit on the potty. In the morning she was peeing her unders but I showed her how to sit on the potty and keep her unders dry. Now she’s doing pretty good.

First time at Wright Park

A Day in the Life

We got up so early to drive in the truck with Da. We drove under the lamps in the dark and came to his work. I thought maybe we would go to the zoo because that’s what usually happens.

But instead, we come to this cool Tacoma park. I check out the playground, which has big music instruments and also five different slides. I’m awesome at slide. Mama walks with me around the structure, and then we stroll over to the duck pond. It is really big, with a bridge and a willow and everything. I watched the ducks and squirrels and dogs coming out for morning walks.

“Food,” I tell Mama. “Please?” So we walk up to Satellite Cafe and have a giant scone and a little chai. The chai is too hot for me. I tell Mama I need a potty, but she is lost and we don’t quite make it. Oh well. I have my disposable unders on.

We walk back to the playground and I investigate more fully. Going up slides does not work so good. Some other little kids are here now and I watch, but I’m not really here to chat.

Hey Everybody Wake Up

A Day in the Life

These days I wake up earlier and I pee in the potty so I can go find Mimee and Poppy upstairs. This morning I was so early that they were still sleeping. I sneaked in there and I was so quiet, but I couldn’t help saying “hi” very quietly.

But Mimee still wakes up, and she opens up her blanket and I creep inside to snuggle her. I snuggled yesterday too. Mimee, let’s always snuggle.

I play pointing games and sing songs while I wait for them to wake up all the way. When we are all up, I sit with Poppy and he reads me a silly poem. Phydeaux rolls on the floor and wags his tail. It is exactly the height of my face so I get up with Mimee again. My dog is just happy because I gave him breakfast with Poppy. One, two, three. Eat your food, Phydeaux.

It is just a quiet morning and we are all happy.

Staying Home In My Yard

A Day in the Life

I did not go to the beach today. Nana and Papa and Mimee and Poppy and Auntie and Iris and Matt went. But I stayed home and took my nap at nap time, and when I woke up I peed and cried and made lonely noises until Mama came and gave me milk.

We came outside. I played with the outside toys and the water and my dog Phydeaux. I peed more.

Eventually Iris came back and we played outside together, sitting in my bucket and picking berries. We take turns bossing each other. That works pretty good but I wish I could pick her up and haul her to the other side of the room too.

No clothes in the summer! When I was a little baby it was cold and we stayed inside and wore coats. Now I am warm and outside and naked for the rest of my life! Sunshine forever! Drink out of the hose always!

41 Reasons to Go Diaper Free

A Day in the Life


We are talking a lot about potty time right now, with signing and sitting, and everything is going great. Some days have been better than others, but this is a great reminder of all the reasons we started on elimination communication in the first place.

» A Whopping 41 Reasons to Go Diaper Free with Elimination Communication, No Potty Training Required » Boba Family.

Also, if you’re interested in trying EC with a little one, check out our favorite tools at the Things I Use  page.

Some Toilet Time

A Day in the Life

It’s much cleaner to poop on the potty than in diapers or underwears. Mama listens for any funny noises I make like bubbles coming out of my stomach. I help her know I want to sit on the potty by making a sign with my hands. We use a handy potty reducer so I can put pee and poop straight into the toilet. When I’m sitting on the potty I get to read a special book, Pat the Bunny. It has fur on the bunny page and smelly dots on the flower page. That’s especially handy when my nose gets yucky bathroom smells in it.

Zoo with Friends

A Day in the Life

It was a little cloudy when we got to the zoo but it got warm and pretty. We sat by the playground and ate quiche and muffins and fruit, and we all climbed on the alligator and the rocks afterward. I like the bathroom by the piranas because it has a little potty and a big potty, so I can sit on it without my potty seat.

The walruses were playing with us. At first it was kind of funny but then I realized they are really big. They rubbed their whole backs right on the glass I was looking at and I could see their eyes and their feet. I showed them my feet. I also liked the meerkats because they were frisky and all snuggling a tiny sleepy baby. Another good one was the gnu. He has toys on his head. There are some pretty sweet dogs that are swimming that are called seals. I showed everyone they are dogs but Cami said they were fish. They are kind of like fish and kind of like dogs. I didn’t get to see the other fish because I fell asleep on Mama’s head right before the aquarium.

Laugh when I Laugh

A Day in the Life

Da tried to take me to bed but I ran away to Poppy so then we escaped outside and played Phydeaux. Poppy has a bouncy yellow ball and Phydeaux runs the fastest to get it. We can fake him out if we pretend we throw the ball one way. Then he gets frantic. I think he might like his ball even more than I like my milk. It’s really funny because he jumps side to side. Poppy laughs when I laugh, so my giggles are like a good joke.

We come inside and I kiss Mimee. I avoid my parents. Once the sun starts going down, they are both nothing but trouble.

I’m going to send you a picture from my zoo trip with Iris yesterday. Sometimes I get so busy I just forget. I forget to go to the potty too… Today I remembered the potty mostly though.

I have some new words, notably: juice, no, eye, and Get! That last one is for Phydeaux. It works better when Mama does it. I say everyone’s name at my house.

I take lots of remedies lately. My nose has boogers a lot, but I drink the little cup by myself.