The Edie Express

A Day in the Life

Once me and my mom went to the woods and it had a beach. 

Then we went to a place where we can learn the ABCs. And then we went to a doughnut store where we got lots and lots of doughnuts. We were in California. Then we went to a circus. And I saw a giant elephant as big as a house. Then we went to a weird weird castle. Then we went to the zoo. And I saw baby giraffes and I said, “Mom can we please go feed giraffes?” And I saw a baby and I fed the baby. Then we went and met Emily Elizabeth and her dog Clifford. We rode on Clifford all the way to the docks and Clifford swam in the water. And he saw a mermaid and he came back up and told us he saw a mermaid.

 Then we went and saw Princess Sofia. 

Then we went and saw the watermelon girl. And she gave us lots and lots of watermelons. And her dress was covered with watermelons and she said we could feed some watermelons to her little pet she had; it was a cute little watermelon bear. 

And then we went to the Studio and we saw a ballerina. One was spinning with one foot on the ground, one was spinning with two feet on the ground, one was leaping and one was plieing. 

And then we went to the woods. We went to a different woods that had no beach. Then we just went home. And my favorite part was just being with you.