Sunshine Come Up

A Day in the Life


I go to a park. Run run run! Sit down. Sit down on grass, okay. Go up this stairs? Look up, no cars, cross a street.


Climb up it. Hold a hand Mama. Go up and up and up. I’m on it the thing! I climbed up it! Go down a slide okay. No. Yes Mama. Eat radishes. I need a chip. I need a grape. I need another grape.


We see Anty Rachel at the Park

A Day in the Life

We came to Tacoma and Anty Rachel was running here! But then she ran away. Oh well.

We walked over to the pond. Ducks! Seagull! Squirrel! Kick leaves. Big truck. Toys.

Swing swing gibbon. Push mama! All done. Swing push? Okay. All done. There is a certain point when it just gets too high for me.

Slide. Climb. Rock! Climb; stand up, hand, jump. Woooo! Rock rock rock. Hand, jump. Kid! Wahoo! Big! Self! I show Mama the other kids, then I point to myself. Kid. Big girl. I mean, I am really not a baby now.

I climb all the way up on the toadstools, all six. Self. Jump. Hand? Mama says no hand. She helps a little when I loose my balance but mostly I do it by myself. We talk to some neighbors, and I go up and down slides. Some kid yells a tease far away; I pick up the refrain. Nanananananana! A little more rock climbing, some play beads… This is a total triumph for me. Mama asks if I want to see ducks again. Byebye toys, I sing over and over. Byebye toys.

Zoo with Friends

A Day in the Life

It was a little cloudy when we got to the zoo but it got warm and pretty. We sat by the playground and ate quiche and muffins and fruit, and we all climbed on the alligator and the rocks afterward. I like the bathroom by the piranas because it has a little potty and a big potty, so I can sit on it without my potty seat.

The walruses were playing with us. At first it was kind of funny but then I realized they are really big. They rubbed their whole backs right on the glass I was looking at and I could see their eyes and their feet. I showed them my feet. I also liked the meerkats because they were frisky and all snuggling a tiny sleepy baby. Another good one was the gnu. He has toys on his head. There are some pretty sweet dogs that are swimming that are called seals. I showed everyone they are dogs but Cami said they were fish. They are kind of like fish and kind of like dogs. I didn’t get to see the other fish because I fell asleep on Mama’s head right before the aquarium.


A Day in the Life

Concentrating. The holes are big enough but it is tricky to get the string through. I put the beads with the hole up and stick the string down inside, but it won’t go through the table. I have to turn it to pull the string out. I get the beads already on a string and I pull them off, putting the beads back in the box or on the table. Round ones roll away. I put them back on the table so we can see them roll again. The strings alone are interesting. I get the strings and hold them in my hand so when I walk they trail behind me. Mama should hold one side. “Pull,” I tell her. It’s easy to say. We wag the string between us and it bounces the knot in the middle. It’s hilarious! I bounce my butt too. It reminds me, I know how to climb on the table! When I start, Mama reminds me I’m not supposed to. She pushes the button on my forehead and it’s so funny I try again and again. I don’t really┬áthink she’ll let me get up, but trying everything is almost as good as getting everything!

Happy Father’s Day at Shine

A Day in the Life

Now Da and Poppy and I, and Phydeaux, and all those girls, are walking the beach at Shine. We found seabeans, which are super delicious. Iris says yuck, but I say More More More Please! We see killdeer, and shells, and there are lots of driftwood forts. Mimee finds special sticks and I climb on pile of sticks, poking the sand and watching everyone. I’ve got my good giggles out. I’m watching the waves and the foam. There is eelgrass here and it shows; tiny baby crab shells are scattered through the beach crumbs. We are going to eat salmonberries on the way back too. The First Nations called June time the Salmonberry Moon because they are thre best food! Foraging is fun at Shine because at my house all I can forage is old food I already didn’t want.

Now I’m riding the backpack on my Da. We are having a Fathers Day snuggle.

Quiet Days with Blocks

A Day in the Life

Sometimes we have quiet days where we just slow down and have time together. Mama is having me do our schedule with reading time and logic with blocks, shapes, or cones. We play together and I knock down all the stuff she makes. I can make a tower with four blocks if I want but knocking down is more fun. I am also learning to fall asleep all by myself at nap time. It’s stupid. I’m never going to need that skill in the real world. I think it’s just time for Mama to read by herself. She gets all the good books.

In between all that I work on all the cool stuff I can do. I can get on and off my rocking horse all by my self even though it’s tall. I can get onto anything actually if I want. I can wear underwear too. I can clean up. And I can copy faces and whistle.

Beach Swing

A Day in the Life

Nana and Papa and Mama came with me to play at the beach. This time we came to a playground with a big boat with a zipline. Mama went on the zipline while I climbed up the logs to the boat. Papa and I climbed on the rocks and Nana put me on the short slide. Then I took Mama on the big slide with me because it was too tall for her to go alone. I climbed up some stairs over and over. Stairs are my favorite toy. We are having a good time around Ventura Harbor. It makes me really thirsty. “More milk please,” I say with my hands. That’s my best sentence. It usually works pretty good.

Not Swimming

A Day in the Life

Today is very sunny but not too hot or windy. I slept a long time because I was so tired from yesterday, and when I got up my Mama and I cuddled in bed. Then she put on our swimsuits and I ate a banana while we walked to the pool. I like the pool better now. Mama showed me how to climb in and out. I can do it almost by myself. I just need help holding a hand to keep my balance when I step in. Today I like splashing with my hands and also sitting on the edge and splashing with my feet. I’m practicing walking on the ledge that is a little deeper, up to my chest. It’s just hard to keep my balance with that much water on me. I like holding the railing too.

On our walk to the pool we saw three dogs. I miss Phydeaux, I told my Mama so. I fell down only two times, but the second time I broke the skin on my knees and now I can see some blood. Not too much though. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Playground in the Zoo

A Day in the Life

I am playing at the playground in the Zoo. I love the sand pit and climbing on the benches and egg statues with other kids. I climbed on that hill behind me. It was really slippery and I got stuck. Then a kid as big as Iris crashed me, so I didn’t want to play there anymore. There are so many cool rocks and stumps to climb on though, which is perfect because I Love climbing on everything. I’m really happy so I’m singing a song too. Next I’m going to ride on the train.