‘Givin’! Wow!

A Day in the Life

Mimee is teaching me how to make a turkey. We use this silly tool to move juice from the bottom of the pan to the top of the turkey. I help her squeeze the top part. I like helping. I’m big enough.

I take a reading break and soon Mimee lights some candles. I tell her I want to blow the match but it’s a moment too late. She makes a happy face though and lights a new one. Blow. I make the fire stop.

Mimee is busy. She tells me about the friends who are coming and the dinner we will eat. Wow. When she walks to get something I chase her because I can’t let her get away. Mimee! She straightens the bathroom and I peek in the drawers .

Da is home today instead of work. Also Uncle Michael is here. I go in with the guys and watch some silly dogs on a show. Commercials come on. Kitty cat! Kitty cat!

Ooo, now Mimee is vacuuming. I chase her but Poppy scoops me up. We vacuum together. Uncle Matt gives me an olive.

Gratitude is a bit advanced, but I am so happy for my big family.


A Visit with Anna at my House

A Day in the Life

I helped Mama vacuum and clean up before Anna got here so my dog hair wouldn’t get on her. I brought out my toys to share.

Our Mamas were drinking tea so I had some too. I like it because it gets the milk warm. Anna didn’t have any so I was trying to share mine by pouring a little in her cup. It didn’t work but she probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

She brought a bracelet of which I was quite jealous. So I took it. Anna cried. I kind of gave it back but eventually managed to con her out of it completely by making Mimee my accomplice. Mimee was like a decoy and I got Anna’s bracelet and hid it with my toys.

We read Harold and the Purple Crayon. He’s so dreamy. Better than the Beattles.

When Anna had to go home I gave her a hug and she gave me a nice hug back. We are both good huggers. I waved out the window while she drove away. Zoom.