Front Yard Morning Play

A Day in the Life

Outside in our front yard we see all our neighbors going by. Some of them I am happy to see so I wave and call “Hi!” Some of them I don’t want to talk to.

A lot of our neighbors are animals. We can see the dog across the street and he barks at us. There is a big murder of crows in a tree down the block. I show Mama the birds, and she shows me how to talk to them. “Raant! RAANT!” I tell them.

Our grass has pretty white dots of clover on it. Mama says they are okay to pick, so I pull out seven flowers and put them in her hand. Sometimes I get the whole flower and sometimes I just get some petals, but I like them.

We fold some laundry in the sunshine. I help by shaking the clean things before Mama folds them. I help a lot because I will be responsible for a lot of responsibilities pretty soon.


Carpenteria Beach

A Day in the Life

Beach day. I am making sand castles with Nana and Mama, and using all these fun sand tools. I found a seashell in the sand. Last time I went to the Atlantic Ocean and now I am at the Pacific. The Pacific is better because now I can walk and use tools. And the sand tastes just as good. It is kind of hard to walk in but better wiith no shoes. The sand makes a cool noise when I hit it with my shovel. I am learning how to use a spoon and it is fun to use the shovel like a big spoon. Nana shows me how to use different tools and brings me shells and driftwood to decorate my castle. A whole flock of pelicans flies over our heads, making a cool shape in the sky. There are maybe a hundred. I say I love them. I also love a bright kite near our beach spot. I am still using my shovels, putting two in a bucket of wet sands and taking them out. I sing a little song and clap my hands. Can I have a¬†sandbox for my house please? I might go in the ocean later; I might not. I’m very happy here.

Santa Barbara Zoo

A Day in the Life

I am watching the gibbons at the Santa Barbara Zoo. They are yelling and playing! They say “ooooOoo” and I tell them “OOoo Ooo.” I love them and want to be with them so I try to climb through the fence. But there is a moat too. I have a golden gibbon at home just like this one. I got him at the Portland Zoo because those gibbons were so nice and try to hold my hand. I will snuggle him later.

Nana is showing me the birds and Papa is pushing the stroller. I like the cockatoos and the pink flamingos.

Zoos are cool except they always have these irritating enclosures everywhere so I can’t go touch stuff.

Bugs and Birds

A Day in the Life

After my breakfast of bananas with Nana, Mama and I came outside to look for birds. We see a million! I almost saw a lizard too but he was too fast. Then I found some ants and this snail! I was so gentle and kind to him, because I didn’t want to mash him like the last one. I love him. I told him I love him and I waved at him.

It’s really hard to walk on Nana and Papa’s hilly driveway. I do it sideways like a crab.

I Brought Aydan to the Zoo

A Day in the Life

Aydan and I came to the zoo today. It is the best to hang out with my cousin! We saw the tigers and gibbons (which is my favorite) and peacocks and otters. I said otter but it came out like “hotta.” I also said fish, “shshsh.” The budgie habitat was open and Grandpa got a seed stick so I could see the birds up close. They are really bright pretty colors. We walked all around and looked at the animals and Aydan gave me lots of good ideas to copy. Also I took a nap. At the end Mama was bothering me and Aydan to take a picture. We didn’t want a picture. But she made us stand by this bear statue. A ridiculous idea.

Busy Thursday

A Day in the Life

I had Anna and Cami over in the morning, and after they left I played outside with Phydeaux. We were smelling flowers. I think there must be a flower on my butt. I smelled roses and lilacs and irises. I watered my spinach again but I don’t think it’s ever going to grow. Then I dug in the dirt and found more ladybugs and some spiders.

My snack was zucchini and and an omlette with mushrooms. I had a long nap and woke up in time to go to Easton’s house. He can walk now so we walked around and danced for a while but then he had to go to bed. I was sad for him to leave but I still got to play with his kitchen boxes. His mom is so cool. And I had some chocolate icecream.

On the way home we went to the Yellow House. I watched birds in the trees and Mama talked out loud like a maniac. When we walk home from the Yellow House I smell more flowers.

I only peed one diaper today. Now I’m tired. Tomorrow, more Aydan!

Gazebo Park

A Day in the Life

Another beach day. This time we came to the gazebo park by our house, me and Mama and Da. We were throwing rocks into the water and also licking some of them. Actually I was the only one licking them. Then a little boy and his grandmother came too and they were also throwing rocks. I took my shoes off and walked in the water for a little bit. The tide is coming in and covering up the beach. We are looking at limpets and kelps and a dead seastar, and I can see birds flying from here. I am still working on my pronunciation of “bird.” Getting closer. All this sunshine wears me out, but in a good way.