Visiting Friends

A Day in the Life


This baby needs toys. I will share my spinning rainbow toy with him. This baby is a boy.


Nickel gets a sunflower for me and for Betty and for my friend Abigail. After the library we can go to the farmers market. We can go downtown.


There is the black kitty. He is my neighbor. Don’t catch him because he’s scared. Just smell my hand.

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Why Huckleberry School (By Mama)



Edie says I’m allowed to write a few posts on her blog. I write my own blog too, but she gets so much more traffic than me! I thought I’d start out by sharing the main reasons behind the Huckleberry School project. Huckleberries are a plant that grows wild from sea level to the mountains, and the red tart berries are one of Edie’s very most favorite food. She ate them by the fistful all summer, and there is something about that voracious, eager, sensory activity out in nature that captures what I want for my wild eager child. Bright, natural, local, easy, delicate, tangy, and wide ranging.

Memory. The number one goal of every Huckleberry School post is to save our memories of our adventures with family, friends, and all the good things out there. Edie talks about good things and bad things, and all kinds of crazy things, mostly because we want to save these moments. In the course of a day, Edie makes discoveries that will never surprise her again, and I like that they are stored here to replay later. What would the world be like if all grown ups could look back and understand their earliest discoveries through the eyes of a child?

Family. Having our special moments saved and shared online makes it easier to include our family scattered far and wide, and including family is a high priority that I am not always good at expressing. Fortunately Edie is better at it than I am. By family, we include dear friends that contribute to Edie’s life and development, and the friends who wish they could and are too far away. We love all of you, and hope that your days are brightened by Edie’s messages.

Documentation. While teaching preschool before becoming a mother, I fell in love the Reggio Emilia practice of documentation, where teachers make extensive records of children’s developmental progress and they ways they express their learning through their language, projects and play. Having photos and notes on hand make it easier to remind Edie of the new experiences and ideas she’s had, to inspire continued processing. It also makes it easier to reflect on our activities for me, so I can plan interactions and adventures that build on previous exploration.

Community. In a broader way, I hope that Edie’s experiences give something of a reference point for other children (and parents). It’s fun to share our special activities, but we also try to document something of the quiet moments in between and the gentle rhythm of life we stretch to capture- and sometimes succeed. We try out new ideas and revisit the things that worked for us before. Hopefully we don’t leave out too many rough spots and give a distorted picture… but naturally when Edie’s in her worst moods she doesn’t feel like composing a big message, and we can’t seem to get clear photos …. There is definitely some filter bias.

Inspiration. For me, the biggest benefit I didn’t expect is the opportunity each post affords for me to look closely at my daughter and try to really understand her experience and help her communicate it. This may surprise some of you, but Edie is not quite so proficient a typist or speller as it may appear from blogs only. It is a precious practice to me to sit with her and try my best to see through her eyes, drawing on my own childhood memories to decode the confusing bits. Fortunately she now has enough words to get across what is important to her mosy of the time. We have this brief window of time when I can give her relatively full attention, and I love the moments when we make a deep connection. I couldn’t bear to loose one. But for all my teary pre-nostalgic rambling, don’t be fooled. It’s all her idea.

Whatever it is, it’s all her idea.

Play Day with Anna and Beau

A Day in the Life

Anna came to my house and took me to see baby Beau. He is little. I see him sleeping and when he wakes up I give his head gentle touches. Baby Beau has a pet. Kitty Cat! A long fluffy tail and soft soft fur. I give the cat gentle touches too. Then I push the cat’s nose. Back up! Mama says I don’t have to do that to cat because they are not Phydeaux. Okay. Just checking.

I eat all Anna’s oranges and some sandwiches. We find Beau’s big cloth blocks. Tower! Anna, tower. Right there. One two one one one. Big! Tower; knock! Fall down! Knock! Knock! Tower.

Anna and I find baby Beau’s food boxes. We make more towers and scatter them all around. Now it’s time to clean up. Back back box.

Anna brings me home and I try to visit Mabel but no one comes out so I put some of her rocks in my mouth. Mimee: home. I go in and tell her about Anna. I eat ‘cados and chips and a little salsa.

Monkey snuggle. Mimee? No way. Hello. Water water? Okay. Cough bless you. O de baby la yay! Cute baby. Sit down.

All Done with Diapers

A Day in the Life

The last few days I decided let’s not pee in diapers or unders any more. I was already really good at peeing and pooping on the potty but I used to pee and poop in diapers too. We did EC since I was a little baby so I knew how to relax on the potty and let pee come out.

So we spent a few days with only little unders or naked in the kitchen and I learned how to pull my unders up and down by myself, climb up and down from the potty, and listen for my body for pee that’s ready to come out. I haven’t put any pee in my unders since my nap yesterday!

This morning I got a special dolly from Iris and I am taking good care of her. I give her hugs and kisses, and I teach her to sit on the potty. In the morning she was peeing her unders but I showed her how to sit on the potty and keep her unders dry. Now she’s doing pretty good.

More Wooden Toys at Goodwill

A Day in the Life

My favorite toy store is Goodwill because that is where my Mama actually buys some. Remember my awesome ferry boats and cars? And my train? Well today we got a big bag of colorful wooden blocks. And some clothes of course. The blocks are best.

Before this I only had regular square blocks with numbers and stuff on them. These ones are more interesting to me right now because they are bright colors and all different shapes that do different things when I stack them together.

Now we’re going to eat pizza. Are you hungry?

Opening the Zoo

A Day in the Life

I never got to the zoo so early that they didn’t open the doors yet. I’m going to wake up all the animals! I find the meerkats first- they are sitting in a row having their coffee and relaxing, but very soon they get to their jobs for the day. Each one has a hole to dig on, except the boss. She stands on the top of the mound. When I get down from the stroller they all turn to watch me and my squeaky shoes. We stand still and watch each other, me and five happy meerkats.

One of them sits againt the wall for break time, but it is time for me to run around. I sing a song about the ‘kats and run through the kid tunnel. I sit in the bird nest and my shoes make extra sqeaks. Let’s go see the bears.

Poppy’s Tooth

A Day in the Life

Nothing very interesting happened for a while. I mean, I was interested in some things, but maybe you wouldn’t be. I was just working on my skills, like singing Baby Bumblebee, and saying 105 words, and counting to three. Kind of. I say “two, two, te!”

Da stopped going to Spokane, so now I get to see him every night no matter what. Also on Sunday we had the whole day, so after church Mama and Da and I went to the meadow to forage some leaves and seeds, and of course some berries.

Today, Poppy got that hole in his head he needed. Yesterday he had a bad wound on his teeth, and he took medicine that made him sleepy. I was worried, so I kept checking “Poppy? Poppy? Poppy? Hi.” And I gave him gentle touches.

But he had to go to the dentist and lose a tooth, like Iris. Iris doesn’t go to the dentist though, she just pulls them out herself. My Aunt Erin is a dentist. I will show her my seven teeth when she comes in the winter.

I brush my teeth with a flashlight toothbrush. And I floss.

Bremerton Blackberry Festival

A Day in the Life

As soon as we got here, we found these ponies. I was very interested about them because I am really good at animals. I watched them with my Mama and then Iris and I decided to go in to get a closer look.

Well, I didn’t exactly expect to get on top of that animal. I kind of thought I would give it a gentle touch and then go get some cotton candy. But we got on top. I got on one called Tanner. I then decided to be all done. Mama stood right with me and showed me how to hold on to the saddle, which made me more comfortable. Then I got really good at it.

We watched a magic show which I liked because all the people clap and clapping is fun. The magic was okay, but I can do better magic if you close your eyes.

Now I’m so hungry my body keeps falling on the ground when Mama wants me to walk, so I’m looking for something nutritious like icecream or french fries.

Snacks in our House

A Day in the Life

In the garden we have tomatos growing and also some berries. We used to have cherries but I ate them all gone.

My teeth keep poking me. I don’t like it. It makes me feel grinchy and like there’s not enough milk left in the world. I’m pickier about food and I don’t like to eat very much at one time. My mouth gets tired.

Here some snacks I still like:

Garden Forage Mac and Cheese

Apricot Pizza