41 Reasons to Go Diaper Free

A Day in the Life


We are talking a lot about potty time right now, with signing and sitting, and everything is going great. Some days have been better than others, but this is a great reminder of all the reasons we started on elimination communication in the first place.

» A Whopping 41 Reasons to Go Diaper Free with Elimination Communication, No Potty Training Required » Boba Family.

Also, if you’re interested in trying EC with a little one, check out our favorite tools at the Things I Use  page.


Der Blokken with Grandma

A Day in the Life

Grandma came to see me! We went on a walk to Der Blokken to get crackers, and then we stopped by the Yellow House on the way back up the hill. We danced all over town. I like reggae. I was so happy to see Grandma because I remember how we play together even though I didn’t see her for almost three weeks. She gets to go see Aydan soon. I want to go too.

When Grandma started saying goodbye at the door, it made me feel quiet and a little sad. So I snuggled her, told her I love you with my fingers, and I blew her a big fat kiss.

Beach Swing

A Day in the Life

Nana and Papa and Mama came with me to play at the beach. This time we came to a playground with a big boat with a zipline. Mama went on the zipline while I climbed up the logs to the boat. Papa and I climbed on the rocks and Nana put me on the short slide. Then I took Mama on the big slide with me because it was too tall for her to go alone. I climbed up some stairs over and over. Stairs are my favorite toy. We are having a good time around Ventura Harbor. It makes me really thirsty. “More milk please,” I say with my hands. That’s my best sentence. It usually works pretty good.

Bugs and Birds

A Day in the Life

After my breakfast of bananas with Nana, Mama and I came outside to look for birds. We see a million! I almost saw a lizard too but he was too fast. Then I found some ants and this snail! I was so gentle and kind to him, because I didn’t want to mash him like the last one. I love him. I told him I love him and I waved at him.

It’s really hard to walk on Nana and Papa’s hilly driveway. I do it sideways like a crab.

Nana and Papa!

A Day in the Life

I found Nana and Papa at the last airport, and we got in the car to Santa Paula. That made me pretty grumpy because I already sat in chairs enough today. At the end, we got to a restaurant called Tia Babe’s which had really yummy salsa and beans. I climbed the little stairs up and down and up and down all by myself. I sang and danced and waved “love you” to Papa and made some friends with some surfers. I love climbing and wiggling so much. I just can’t stop. It is pretty and sunny. Mama tickled me in the car. I’m so tired and happy. Tomorrow I’m going to the pool and I’m going to catch a lizard.


A Day in the Life

California tomorrow! Today I’m just going to eat this frittata and play with my toys while Mama packs up a hundred pounds of stuff. I’ll need my little dresses and my swimsuits and my night time books and my sunhat. My tummy is better today. Before I leave I’m getting in lots of snuggle time with my family, especially Phydeaux. I love my dog. I tell him so with sign language. Mama’s going to be too busy to play or go on a walk today, and I’m already planning some funny tricks to get more attention. Like pouring my water cup on her vitamins. And telling her “milk” in sign a hundred times even when I’m not hungry or thirsty. I’ll do cute things too, like sing my “mamamaamama” song and dance with my arms, just to be on the safe side.

Peregrine Falcon

A Day in the Life

More birds! I got this bird from my great aunt and uncle who live in Spokane. He is a peregrine falcon put out by the Audubon Society, and he makes a real falcon call when someone squeezes him. I like squeezing him but I also like when mama squeezes him. I told her “bou, bou!” while signing More and Please. If I do it franticly enough she squeezes him for me. I like my new bird so much I kiss him right on the beak.