The world is a strange place, full of things we’ve never seen before and things we may never see again. As our family spins through space, we want to accumulate these moments and let them stream out behind us like comet tails. We can never stop moving, but we can leave a trace where we have been.

Since we began this blog, when Edie was barely a year old, we’ve had thousands of visits; opportunities to tell our story in many forms. Early posts included the narrative voice I imagined for Edie. As her language expanded, I tried to catch her actual words. Of course she quickly outpaced me, now talking at least six times faster than I could possibly type for most of her waking hours. Sometimes, she kindly slows down and repeats herself so I can catch her story in type. We have learned enough through her to know that Rory will be just as difficult to catch. Like my collection of blurry action photos, whatever words I snag along the way are bound to be incomplete, a bit confusing, but sometimes strangely beautiful.

The purpose of Huckleberry School has changed over time, but always seems to carry mixed motives. We are sharing our lives with family and friends, especially many who are too far away to spend as much time together as we’d like. We are documenting our family practices and the ideas we’ve tried at different stages for anyone interested in parenting and education styles or specific learning experiences. Most importantly, we are keeping a record that we can return to later, so see where we’ve been and how we’ve grown. I’m not always sure how to straddle all these visions, and our SEO will never be amazing because we’re too busy running our own experiments to create message board competition or pursue internet fame. So be it. Sometimes a day takes three posts to cover. Sometimes we take long breaks.

Our lives are like your lives; opportunities, distractions, treasures. Our days are, like yours, exhilarating, enlightening, and exhausting- or sometimes painfully boring. We have a story to tell, but no instructions to give. This is just an honest record of a risky, daring caper. Whatever brought you to join us, welcome, and thank you for sharing our adventure.

-Adele, Kevin, Edie, and Rory


One thought on “Childhood

  1. Edie, you are so lucky to have a great Mommy, & Daddy to teach you all of these things and take you special places. You are also lucky to have Mimee, Poppy, Uncle Matt, Auntie Tara and Iris. You all have such fun together and they are all learning along with you. I love reading your blog and I love you! Nana

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