Body Image

A Day in the Life

Parenting feels like a string of one-chance teachable moments and so much information that has to passed on to prepare them and bolster their psyches for a tumultuous future. 

Edie: look, her name is Misty.

Mama: [reflecting on the common concern for dolls influencing little girls’ body images] Her legs are super long and her arms are so skinny. Also her head is bigger than her whole body. She’s so disproportionate, not like a real lady.

Edie: [sigh] Oh mama, that’s just the way this doll is. And her name is Misty.
But I don’t know why I try so hard sometimes. I thought she needed to protect herself from comparison, but she knew I needed a reminder about judging appearances and inclusion. Her heart knows it’s way better than I do. 
Edie: She lives in a black hole and sells icecream.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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