Building a Garden

A Day in the Life, Farm Book, How


A couple weekends ago, we joined a team of volunteers at the Muse to put in the boxes for our vegetable garden and clear out an area that had been fenced off and grown over. I knew there weren’t a lot of kids coming but I think it’s healthy for the Huckleberries to feel a little ownership and responsibility. More importantly, gardening is our favorite!


Daddy brought the truck to help bring in fresh dirt. Rory brought the wheelbarrow.


Edie brought get shovel and she knows how to use it.


We had to rent a trailer to move a ton of dirt to school and then wheel it up to the garden site on the other side of the yard.


But there’s nothing wrong with wheel barrows.


It took a long time to get the garden boxes put together and moved up to the right place.


Now we have a beautiful garden spot and a play forest as well. As soon as the little kids get bored of digging in the dirt, it will be safe to plant seeds!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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