School Bus

A Day in the Life


If we leave a little early, we can catch the bus from our corner to downtown. I got a bus pass through work, and since we arealways looking for new ways to enjoy our great city, we decided to try it out.


Edie used to ride the bus worth me quite a bit when it was just the two of us. Rory had never taken the bus before. He liked the bus stop pretty well and watching the cars go by was just fascinating. As the bus pulled up, we were sure he would love it.


But he didn’t.

He looked concerned when it stopped in front of us. When the doors opened and the hydrolic hissed, he entered a state of panic and hysteria. It could only get worse if we were inside that spooky monster….


Once in our seats, he was able to breathe it out and settle down, though keeping alert and vigilant for the six minute ride. Edie held him reassuringly and patted his shoulder.

Getting off was easier. Getting on the next time wasn’t so bad. A few bus rides later, we are all pretty well adjusted. Rory will probably be concerned about stepping up into the belly of the beast for a while, but don’t you know, anyone can get used to something new. We all have a part to do, finding ways of getting around that will work for everyone.


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