Worst Easter Ever

A Day in the Life


There is a viral one-two punch going around right now and it’s pretty horrific. After a long day of sanitizing and keeping the remnant children and teachers outside all Friday, we came home and started sinking into our own mini-apocalypse. Rory started out with some serious adventure diapers, and over the night I lost my battle against a sinus catastrophe. Kevin held it together, cleaned up bodily fluids, and ran out for illness supplies all weekend while we trailed Rory with wipes and Clorox. Edie occupied herself with a preschool workbook, just asking for help with reading directions, for hours at a time.

We rescheduled Easter. Next week hopefully we can hit Fort Warden with the troupe after all. During a window of higher energy, we popped over to Snake Lake and breathed half a mile of woods air, sliming as we went. Rory briefly fell asleep in my arms, rolled together in a picnic blanket.


As evening settled in, both kids returned their dinners to sender. For the third night in a row, we played musical beds(and couches).

These Huckleberries are so tough. We are taking our remedies, drinking smoothies, and reading stories for the third day in a row. My head has begun to clear and a cough stirred up instead. We hope to get back to school on Tuesday, but in the mean time we’ll settle in for another day of snuggles and nasty laundry.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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