Huckleberries don’t take federal tests.

A Day in the Life, Why
Although I was home-schooled for a bulk of my k-12 education, I took the full battery of Washington State standardized tests and I pretty much crushed them because my personality and outside experiences were a good match for test taking. I got a sense of personal satisfaction and identity from being in the top 90-95% just about every time.
I wish I could take every test back. For several years now, I have been increasingly convinced that standardized testing is unwise and unhealthy, even for those children who do the best at it. I know I spent at least 90 total hours on testing and test prep, and I wish I had just taken another 5 college credits, or written another awkward juvenile fantasy novel, or read fifteen more classics, or basically anything else that I could have done with 90 hours. It is absurd to me that so many collective hours are blown on standardized testing by children, who never get anything back but a false personal ranking.
And now for a truly disturbing development:

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