My life is like ooooo

A Day in the Life


We are super awesome. In fact, Edie and her friends are actual super heroes like 40% of the time. Edie loves working with her friends, doing art and big body play, and being one of the big kids. I overhear her talk and plans here and there, which is fun to catch. Yesterday she initiated a fantastic family hug with her best pals and told them all how great it is to be a team together. She didn’t know I was there on the other side of the curtain.


Rory is comfortably settled and learning so much. I love how many sensory and art opportunities he’s getting. Fourteen toddlers sounds like a terrible clean up to commit to, but it’s a actually a lot more efficient than doing then all one at a time… He’s also really communicating much more; he’s added several words both spoken and sign in the last week or so. He calls for Dada, asks for more or eat in sign, and sends an uh-oh after the toys her throws in the bath tub… Of course his eyebrows get all his other points across.


I am really happy. My work is exhausting but I’m doing the kinds of provocation and documentation that I’ve always loved, and I’m playing gobs of pretends. I almost never cook or bake, which I partly miss and partly don’t miss at all. I feel really good at my job and in control of my life; my mental and physical health are at the best they have been since Edie was two. We’re celebrating lots of little things and our weekends are almost long enough (but not quite).


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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