Ready for School

A Day in the Life


At first when we talked about starting school, Edie was pretty resistant. She would insist that she would never go to school, and sometimes she was willing to discuss the specifics of what she felt nervous about; being away from me, being away from home, making new friends. I did my best to validate her feelings while giving her tools and reassurances to deal with them. It was quite a trick sometimes.


After a number of visits to The Muse, though, Edie gradually warmed up to the idea. Each time she arrived, more of the material was in place and it was easier to visualize what our days will be like here. She made towers with foam blocks and looked at books on the aqua ottoman: “My favorite color is aqua.” She tried out the wooden stencils, beeswax crayons, and felt markers.


Now, the last few days before school starts, she is happy and eager. We will do a little shopping today for supplies like indoor shoes and wipes to contribute to the changing station in Rory’s room. On Monday at seven thirty, we will leave our house, walk from our parking spot to school, up the hill and across the train tracks bridge, and into our new life. We will have breakfast together, and then head each to our own rooms, Rory to the Nest, Edie to the Bridge, and mama to the Forest.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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